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the sun in the sky

23 Dec

Lake Ontario

It is overcast as I write, on one of the darkest days of the year, here at 43.6481° north of the planet’s equator.  Not only does December 23rd receive approximately the minimum total daylight hours, but the angle, and thus strength of the energy hitting the surface is at it’s weakest (on Dec. 21, about, this year).

But, though it was overcast as I rode up from the lake this morning around 11am EST, the sky brightened, cleared to blue (mostly) and I got the direct yellow sunlight on me for a few minutes.

I wonder how the three main western monotheisms got to be the way they are now, so detached from their roots as solar worship, and therefore a critical set of knowledge, in the proto-religions preceding the evolution to a anthropomorphic adaptations of the same control principles, as employed by the three most recent successful examples.

This fantastic detachment of applying fundamental physical association as exists in our relationship to the sun, to a figure based on our own image, into a hopelessly complex ‘mystic’ ‘understanding’ of the world around us, to which we become dependent upon intermediaries to ‘divine’ the differences between ‘good’ and ‘evil’.  Let’s face it, as a species, we seem prone to narcissism, even at the most noble of times.  World views based on applying the attributes of the sun in our lives, to inherently flawed human-like super-beings, are bound to make human kind murderously neurotic, and I think the history of the world, as is known now, offers more than enough supporting evidence to verify the effect on our species as a whole.

What of the sun?

What I think is known:

1. It is a self-sustaining fusion (sub-atomic) reaction involving Hydrogen (1) and Helium (2), creating output of energy in all directions, much of it traveling at a velocity similar to the speed of light.

2. The small fraction of this energy output which is absorbed by the earth, not only is the ultimate source of all chemical energy used by humans, oil, gas, coal, plants, etc, but also all the atomic energy sources from when the planet was born as a bud of the central dust(?!)/energy cloud that condensed to form the sun and the planets of our solar system.  It is safe to say that more than 99.99999999999% of the energy and matter in our solar system was either derived from the sun, and/or from the same source as the formation of the sun.

3. My body, is therefore at least 99.99999999999% from the sun.

4. I am approximately 99.99999999999% (estimate) dependent upon the sun continuing to create and deliver energy to earth, and earth capturing that energy in a way that I can use it, for my day-to-day survival.  In fact, without this, life as is known to the cumulation of knowledge of mankind, would not continue.