(Re-)Launch – If you love this world, you should follow…

1 Jan

Re-Launch “UrBlurb” – If you love this world, you should follow to this site and clue in to what’s being done in front of us all, hidden in broad daylight, and suggestions on what one might do to… deal with it.

There’s a lot of shit going on.  One of them is the complete annexation of the media by special interest groups, for the benefit of… those same special interest groups; I call them ‘special interest groups’, to differentiate from groups working to the good of self, and then everybody else, from groups working for the good of the self, and then the good of the special interest group (one should assume that it is a comparatively small minority of the whole), and then, maybe, anybody else.

The outcome is that the media is shit!

If was at least, not bad, not too long ago, but those days are over.

Now it is being used to manipulate the majority, for the benefit of competing special interest groups, which represent a small minority of the overall world population.


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