Gaming is taking the world down

13 Jan

2017 01 10 - Danforth looking west towards Greenwood Av2017 January 13th Friday

Toronto, Canada

It’s all about the game, or gaming; that’s what is taking the world down

It’s all around us; who knows, maybe the ability to game was a critical part in human evolution.  It exists from an individual punk, to major global affiliations systemically ‘working the systems’ across national boundaries.  It’s also known as ‘cheating’.

What I’m talking about:

Gaming: Non-Cooperative

When a system, or community, behaves according to certain rules, or codes of conduct, some, sometimes written, though mostly evolved from cultural common understanding, call it a social contract, there can be overall global gains, from which, everyone in the community benefits.

However, under these circumstances, responsibilities, having been accepted at a personal level, enable factions, or individuals, in such a de facto collective, to break their social agreement, typically secretly[i], so that they can, a. avoid their social contract commitments and still receive an equal share of the overall, communal benefits, and/or b. in any way acquire an augmented, and/or enhanced, and/or larger proportion of the communal benefits, in both cases, regardless of outcomes: c. incremental requirements from the remainder of the community members, still within the social contract, and committed to fulfilling the required responsibilities to gain the communal benefits, and/or c. the reduction in quality and/or quantity of the social benefit receipt by other, committed, and compliant community members.

It’s difficult for me to put it more succinctly.

Gaming is normally described as decision-making theory in mathematical terms.

Wikipedia does a good job of it, at [page last modified on 7 January 2017, at 15:52].

Why everyone should care:

0. Forgoing responsibilities/assuming rights, outside of agreed to terms within the community, to achieve personal advantage, associated or not, with overall lowering quality of life for members of community, may have existed within hunter-gatherer societies, but if it did, it would have been very limited, since most individuals’ survival was likely dependent upon the survival of the entire social unit

→ 1.  Within (early) urban environments/specialization of work, there would be a dramatic increase in the range of personal/sub-group advantages that could be ‘gamed’ within the larger and more complex social group, and a greater pool to defray personal decreases in personal quality of life for individuals in the social group, commensurate to the overall size and complexity of the entire social group

→ 2. Accelerating understanding of human cognitive processes and technologies for transmitting information, be it objective, and/or valid, or otherwise, over the past hundred years, and particularly with the advent of the internet age, has created fantastic capability to moderate individual perception, and thus unprecedented potential for gaming the system

→ 3. Endemic abuse of emerging (c2017) systems and processes favouring selective sub-groups within global communities has fostered a profound, widespread disillusionment and cynicism about the veracity of the social compact for a large percentage of individuals within society

→ 4. While the full range of perception management tools in wide use in society may repress the acknowledgement and internalization of the inherent fraudulence of the social contract myth, awareness of fallacies of the social contract are likely to exist in a large percentage of individuals in society

→ 5. Individuals, even where understanding exists only at a sub-conscious level, are much more likely to engage in gaming activities

→ 6.  Gaming the system has proliferated from an individual level through to institutional systemic levels throughout global societies, and now appears to be in a reifying spiral

→ Prediction: system collapse!


In future entries, I will endeavor to elaborate on these points.

Stayed turned!



[i] Done secretly, I mentioned, above, in my own description of gaming, (non-cooperative), because, typically, there are defined, or undefined, consequences for breaking the social contract.  The formalization of this in our society, is officially the various so-called ‘justice systems’, across the many jurisdictions, in which they exist, in human societies, on the planet we all share.  These are formalizations of existing systems, which have existed in almost all human societies, of all time, even within the smaller social groups of hunter gather societies, which existed prior to the agricultural revolution, and the establishment of cities, and eventually states.  Some cases of breaching the social contract in Neolithic societies might have resulted in the execution of the transgressor.


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