Something is wrong with the media, just like the weather

16 Jan
Danforth Av. Toronto, Canada

2017 01 16 – Danforth looking west towards Pape

January 16th 2017 – Monday


It was beautiful in Toronto today, 3 degrees Celsius, and mostly sunny, very light breeze.  It’s not very winter-like for even the deep south of Canada in January.

But, I’ll take it, even though I don’t mind a ‘proper’ Canadian winter, like everybody else in the country is getting, even Vancouver, where traditionally, they don’t typically get a ‘proper’ Canadian winter.  I mean, I’ll continue to minimize my carbon footprint, and use my purchasing power to more support sustainability, rather than more destructive to the biosphere.  But the weather in the past twenty years here, is definitely different from the twenty that preceded them.

Like the weather, there is something ‘wrong’ about the media.

In Canada, obsessive overt control over all aspects of federal government messaging by the apex man, the previous dictator, was known legend, viewed with a mixture of trepidation and derision.

There was the Canadian general election of October 2015, when we got our first stark, universal failure of the pollsters to call the results of the election, and Big Brother was tossed, for Shiny, Happy  Little Brother, (actually the eldest) son of a Canadian political legend.

The world watched Brexit, and the presumptive outcome of the neoliberal agenda, the UK remaining in the EU, was comfortingly repeated ad nauseam in the mainstream media, aligned to all of the pundits, as they regularly defamed the hapless pro-exiters.  Now I’m not suggesting that some of the characters seemed like they wouldn’t have been amiss in a traveling carnival, it was just the single-sided, single-mindedness of the ‘reporting’.

And, of course, Britain voted to leave the EU!

Then, the kicker, the U.S. general election.  Talk about a carny show, the republican party nomination campaign just couldn’t be lampooned as any worse than it was: Rubio is like an anime cartoon character, except not as good at reading the tight script as an anime voice actor.  Ben Carson was hilarious, and what could be said of Ted Cruz, a good thing, I mean?  Then the ‘democrats’ fix their campaign to nominate the only person in the world who could lose to Don Don.

The whole while, the mainstream press in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, in particular, ran completely off-the-mark, lop-sided coverage of the ‘presumptive next president-elect‘, and ridiculous, immature grade-school grade personal attacks on the other candidate, universally dismissing his chances.  In the end, The Don just out-campaigned the presumptive next president-elect.

But that didn’t put an end to the media manipulations.

We’ve all been witnessing a media coup, not so unlike the media coup that was almost successfully launched against Hugo Chavez, and successfully dethroning Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, to be replaced by an even more corrupt politician (though probably leaning the right way for the neoliberal agenda proponents).

But most troubling of all, is the beating of the war-drum against the evil Soviet Union, I mean, evil Russia.  The limp reason given for the unprecedented buildup of NATO forces along the Russian border, typically, vaguely references Ukraine and Crimea.  We are NOT getting the full story on Ukraine and the Crimea in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand press.

Ukraine, the place where the ‘democratically elected’ president rejected a drastically inferior World Bank/International Monetary Fund proposal, effectively wiping out domestic policy sovereignty, and stripping workers rights, while making international corporations effectively immune from any kind of judicial action, and accepted a superior, comparatively non-invasive Russian monetary package.  But a coup d’etat was arranged by the neoliberal stalwarts, the good ole U.S.A. and Germany; a coup d’etat!   In the context of the agreement at the fall of the wall, and subsequent fall of the Soviet Union, to NOT poach former soviet states, the illegal subversion of Ukraine by EU/NATO/neoliberal agenda, the last buffer state and historical ally of Russia, factually positions ‘the West’ as the evil aggressor states.  The propaganda in the media is eerily similar to that which occurred in the lead up to the Great War (aka WWI).[i]

It’s wrong!

How come the systemic distortions of the media isn’t the news story of 2016?!

There is one guy who talks about it, Matt Taibbi, but not too loudly, he probably needs the money he gets as a reporter.

So, like the weather, the media is all fucked up.  But, unlike the media, accepting it when it happens to benefit you at the moment is dangerous.

War is bad, but the top tenth of the 1% need a BIG distraction for the masses, to hide all of the manipulating and stealing that they’ve been doing in a fog of war.  Whenever that big a distraction has been needed, in the past, there has been a war.

Get informed, and then talk about it.

We are well down the road to war, and it is NOT a good road to be on.

[i] Please see Margaret MacMillan’s excellent description of the lead up to the Great War in “The War that Ended Peace



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