Are we witnessing a coup d’état?!

17 Feb

2017 February 17th  – Friday

What is going on with the media?!

It’s a sad comment on the bias of the so-called ‘Western’ ‘first-world industrialized’ nations’ news agencies that I have to go to the RT web site to try to get a handle on what’s going on; that’s right, RT = Russia Today, is well-ascribed (by ‘Western’ ‘first-world industrialized’ media agencies) for having Kremlin editorial ‘input’.  But that’s where I am; that’s how unbiased the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) cbc-logois these days, but it’s still as good as any mainstream American media agency, probably better, and it compares with those equivalents in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

The “Deep Government” is aligned, if not controlling the media/propaganda agencies.  ‘Government’ ministerial posts are assigned based on this neoliberal “deep government” agenda (you could look at:   and/or ).

The system of coup d’etat by media has precedents, and they are not distant past actions.

Glenn Greenwald, (The Intercept) says the (supposed) schism between the Executive Branch of the U.S. government (i.e. The Donald) and the intelligence agencies, is a threat to American democracy.  “If the intelligence community starts to see itself as liberated from political officials, and in opposition to those same officials, then to whom is it subordinate? Nobody.  It’s this rogue force that operates in the dark and has no one constraining what they can do.”

This “deep state” jargon is quickly becoming one of those widely used, and frequently misused phrases, that expands to meaninglessness.

SO, I will draft a definition (deep state) to provoke some kind of feedback: a plurality of global affiliations and other outcome-cohesive financially and decision-making dominant interests, 3 standard deviations away from the best interests of the average global citizen“.

They, the deep state, need a solid war (i.e. a world war), to cover their tracks of robbing and enslaving the 95% so brutally for the past two decades, and also to consolidate their new extreme of world hegemony.


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