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Genocidal narcissism and the consumerist zombie hoards

31 Mar

Genocidal narcissism and the consumerist zombie hoards
2017 March 31st
At the Jet Fuel Café

I was struck by the pointed aggressiveness of a white, late model of a Germany-originated luxury automobile brand global corporate entity, product. It came up right behind me crossing the Viaduct westbound; there was a large city works vehicle, doing an admirable job keeping to close to the speed limit, recently reduced from 50 kph, which few slowed to, to a new, stunningly slow 40 kph. Now, I don’t have any problem driving 40 kph along such a stretch, except for all of the assholes who follow at insanely close distances, seemingly trying to push you along, and succumb to their will, to break the law, going faster. That’s what she was doing. I didn’t take too much of a look at her, but the blond was from a bottle, and the vintage was getting up there; neither one could scarcely fail to notice the pretentious clothing, matching the car colour.
Narcissists under consider all but themselves, as such they are prime offenders of taking rights and authorities, while not at all concerning themselves with the associated responsibilities.

The severing of rights from their associated responsibilities is the defining characteristic of the hierarchical civilization.

As delineated in Yuval Harari’s Sapiens the ability for humans to a. conceive of, b. communicate and c. believe in fiction may have been the critical capability for humans to form social groups larger than 150 individuals (the theoretical number of individual humans that a human can ‘know’), and focus effort of many, many millions of people, like the United States of America, and the citizens believing in the Charters of Freedom: 1776 ‘United States Declaration of Independence’, ‘the Constitution of the United States of America’, and the ‘Bill of Rights’ (as if it wasn’t an obvious fiction!?)

I shall elaborate on this…. Soon(ish).


the Corporate Entity – you’re trained to NOT think of it as alive

28 Mar

2017 March 28th – Tuesday 

…waiting for the boxing gym to open at the Jet Fuel Cafe

Why, it would probably never even occur to you to even consider whether or not a corporation is alive or not; wouldn’t it not?

I remember from school that there were three tests, which if all passed, suggested the existence of life.  I’m just going to make them up, from the sense I retain of them.

  1. Can it maintain its own, internal environment, distinct from the external environment?
  2. Does it respond to stimuli?
  3. Can it replicate itself?

But science has advanced since then, our good friends at Wikipedia, likely, have a contemporary definition:

Life is a characteristic distinguishing physical entities having biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes, from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased, or because they never had such functions and are classified as inanimate. … ”

I like it.

A large corporate entity, say, for example, one of the large Canadian banks, founded in 1864, it is still alive, now in 2017.  Included in it’s system, is over 80,000 self-contained biological units, like cells in a body, or more closely like bees in a hive.  These components, Homo sapiens are cybernetically integrated with advanced silicon-based micro-processing components, enabling a limited telepathic-like cognitive interface between humans and silicon-based micro-processing systems, and many of the other biological components.  The corporate entity includes many other components, like buildings and cars and trucks and lots of other stuff.

When it is tested against the questions for life, we find that it can 1.  maintain its own internal environment, 2. responds to stimuli, and 3. can replicate another corporate entity, like, subsidiaries (aren’t children just like little subsidiaries, until they’re sent off, or move out on their own?)   While dependent on the biological units, for one of the Wiki criteria, it meets the Wiki definition, too.

Not only are corporate entities fulfilling the definition of life, they are recognized under the law as having the rights of individual humans.  Furthermore, and this is pretty important, the corporate entity is self-aware, and behaves in a way that favours itself, as a whole, above and beyond any, ANY, of the composite components.

Just one more thing before I post this items, regardless of whatever you think a bank does, what the original purpose(s) of banks were in western European tradition (starting, as just drawing a line in the ground, with the Renaissance banks of late medieval Florence, Italy, I may produce my history of the bank, i.e. the first permanent structures made by humans, at a later date), banks now exist to… continue to exist, and get more powerful.  The ways they get more powerful are by harvesting power, effort, productive capacity, both physical and cognitive, from mostly humans, though the consumption of planetary resources and expelling materials toxic to the biosphere are part of the equation.  They are principally cognitive entities, and have god-like capability to capture, retain and process information, so that they can very, very accurately predict occurrences in the future.

An opponent that can see the future can not be beaten.

Some people still wonder about when AI is coming, I don;t think that there is any doubt that it is already here, but we’ve all been trained to NOT see it.

Building Pyramids and other big ego trips – the system of repression

20 Mar

Started on 2017 March 17th (yes, have another beer, and blame it on the Éire)

the 2017 ‘babies’ (hopefully baby girls)

What was it, in the human condition, that enabled tens of thousands, if not hundreds, over many years, humans to build (especially) the great pyramids?

These edifices to monumental ego, many more are proliferating now, in our current society.

Imagine the absurd extremity of such a self-absorbed ego, in utter detachment from the disparate struggles of the 99% of humanity, driving forward such an endeavour, with no physical relevance for the betterment of the people!?

Holy shit!

And that’s it, isn’t it, getting so many people to believe in a fiction, to such a degree that they would voluntarily perform in the service of what should be obviously an insane undertaking.  All of the major religions fit into this category of, as Yuval Harari describes in his fantastic book, “Sapiens”, “inter-subjective” “fictions”.  But no more fictitious than modern economic theory, and /or ‘the divine right of kings’, or any self-identifying affiliation’s propounded assertion that they are the people favoured by any divine power.  It’s utterly idiotic, but many, many people believe in the controlling myths.

Harari, in alignment with the growing acceptance in the theory that between 90 and 60 thousand years ago, there was some change that happened to anatomically modern humans, i.e. no discernable morphological changes identifiable by surviving fossilized remains analyzed.  Anatomically modern humans have been around for about 200 thousand years; there are many theories for what the change was, which immediately preceded the launch of rapid expansion of the species out of north east Africa, at an astounding pace compared with long term migration patterns of humans and proto-humans before that time.

Harari refers to it as the “Cognitive Revolution”.

Many concur that the “great leap forward”, as Jared Diamond refers to it in “Guns, Germs, and Steel”, included an increased capability in communication, and thus vastly improved sharing of thoughts between humans, consistent with Harari’s reasoning.

Recently I have been speculating on this topic, a long time favourite of mine, to which I have devoted much energy, that this advancement was the capacity to lie.

But I much refer Harari’s description of it, as an ability to communicate, and (on the other side) accept a fiction, actually understand it, and believe in it.

I love this book!

It is this capacity to believe in the make-belief that enabled human kind to cooperate in groups many times the size of the theoretical cognitive maximum, i.e. how many people that you can personally know, considered less than 150 individuals, over extended periods of time, on goals that had to benefit, whatsoever, for their ongoing physical survival!

Pre-cognitive revolution humans would never have been stupid enough to devote such efforts to such abstract, thus effectively insane, objectives.

Harari says there are two main things which are required to sustain this harnessing social myth-fiction, 1. “True Believers”, people who really, completely believe in the fiction, say like Hammurabi’s implicit requirement for a social hierarchy, i.e. some people of different worth to other people in society, and/or the American Constitution’s “self-evident”, “inalienable rights”, and “equality among men”. The second thing being “The Prison Walls”, which breaks down into, “a. The imagined order is embedded in the material world”, “b. The imagined order shapes our desires”, and “c. The imagined order is inter-subjective.”

In our society, we are on the brink of a failing social myth.  New disruptive technologies are changing our species to a similar extent as the cognitive revolution, the inter-connectivity revolution, i.e. the internet age.  While it, combined with modern psychological theory, is drastically increasing the ability to shape individuals’ perceptions, it is also enabling the sharing of information that contradicts necessary social myth-fiction.  Like the belief in the free and objective news media, completely blown in my mind.

The main character in the literary fiction Wayward, ponders such dilemma’s considering all of the effort that was spent on the Y2K project in chapter 6. Yawn, on December 31st 1999.

In my next rant, I will elaborate on the suggested conditions required for a change in societal public fiction-myth.


dispelling the “conspiracy theory”-labelling tactic

14 Mar

2017 March 14th Tuesday (π Day)

at the Jet Fuel Cafe.

Most of us can recall someone going on about injustices in society, and then another person dismissing it, regardless of coherence, by referring to it as a ‘conspiracy theory‘.

The good people contributing to call it pretty close to my understanding of it, “A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy without warrant, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful actors. Conspiracy theories often produce hypotheses that contradict the prevailing understanding of history or simple facts. The term is a derogatory one”.   []

The key here is, “… invokes a conspiracy without warrant, …”.

Now, imagine, if you will, that you are in the financial elite, the top 1/10th of the top 1%, or even the top 1/100th of the top 1%, (that’s one in 10,000).  Again Wiki is useful for figuring out how many of them there are; according to Wiki, “As of August 2016, it [total population of the Earth] was estimated at 7.4 billion.  So, 7,400,000,000 divided by 10,000, we get 740,000 individuals, which seems way to high to me.  But just imagine, especially in the so-called ‘western first-world democracies’, where services previously guaranteed by the government, are now pay-to-play.

If you don’t have the dinero, then you don’t have the right to that, anymore.

This is a trend which is accelerating.

Can one really justify the almost unimaginable annual income of the top wealthiest people, when many hundreds of thousands in North America live vulnerable, at a standard significantly lower than a typical hunter-gatherer?

[see an incredibly excellent book, Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari]

As for responsibilities, if you are in that elite financial group, just what, exactly, are your responsibilities (those that you can’t pay an underling to ‘take care of’)?

So, let’s get it straight, in that group, you have virtually unlimited rights, and no responsibilities!

It is a good situation for you; way to go!

So, just what, exactly, do you spend your time doing, besides ensuring that your sweet deal continues, or gets even better?

You are already well beyond the point where additional financial capability is possibly going to change your material world.  It is only ego-tripping to see even more decimal places in your bank account, which, in the physical world, is a few binary data bits.

So, again, just what, exactly, do you spend your time doing, besides ensuring that your sweet deal continues?

Obsessive ego-gratifying pursuits, ensuring that you get all, regardless of the cost to others; this is the warrant!

Sure there are a lot of wild-ass ‘conspiracy theories’, without merit, but ultimately, there is a small army, using their considerable power of persuasion to keep you down, so they can keep it up!

20170519 – check out BBC article: Conspiracy theories: How to be a smarter news consumer from 14 September 2016