the Corporate Entity – you’re trained to NOT think of it as alive

28 Mar

2017 March 28th – Tuesday 

…waiting for the boxing gym to open at the Jet Fuel Cafe

Why, it would probably never even occur to you to even consider whether or not a corporation is alive or not; wouldn’t it not?

I remember from school that there were three tests, which if all passed, suggested the existence of life.  I’m just going to make them up, from the sense I retain of them.

  1. Can it maintain its own, internal environment, distinct from the external environment?
  2. Does it respond to stimuli?
  3. Can it replicate itself?

But science has advanced since then, our good friends at Wikipedia, likely, have a contemporary definition:

Life is a characteristic distinguishing physical entities having biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes, from those that do not, either because such functions have ceased, or because they never had such functions and are classified as inanimate. … ”

I like it.

A large corporate entity, say, for example, one of the large Canadian banks, founded in 1864, it is still alive, now in 2017.  Included in it’s system, is over 80,000 self-contained biological units, like cells in a body, or more closely like bees in a hive.  These components, Homo sapiens are cybernetically integrated with advanced silicon-based micro-processing components, enabling a limited telepathic-like cognitive interface between humans and silicon-based micro-processing systems, and many of the other biological components.  The corporate entity includes many other components, like buildings and cars and trucks and lots of other stuff.

When it is tested against the questions for life, we find that it can 1.  maintain its own internal environment, 2. responds to stimuli, and 3. can replicate another corporate entity, like, subsidiaries (aren’t children just like little subsidiaries, until they’re sent off, or move out on their own?)   While dependent on the biological units, for one of the Wiki criteria, it meets the Wiki definition, too.

Not only are corporate entities fulfilling the definition of life, they are recognized under the law as having the rights of individual humans.  Furthermore, and this is pretty important, the corporate entity is self-aware, and behaves in a way that favours itself, as a whole, above and beyond any, ANY, of the composite components.

Just one more thing before I post this items, regardless of whatever you think a bank does, what the original purpose(s) of banks were in western European tradition (starting, as just drawing a line in the ground, with the Renaissance banks of late medieval Florence, Italy, I may produce my history of the bank, i.e. the first permanent structures made by humans, at a later date), banks now exist to… continue to exist, and get more powerful.  The ways they get more powerful are by harvesting power, effort, productive capacity, both physical and cognitive, from mostly humans, though the consumption of planetary resources and expelling materials toxic to the biosphere are part of the equation.  They are principally cognitive entities, and have god-like capability to capture, retain and process information, so that they can very, very accurately predict occurrences in the future.

An opponent that can see the future can not be beaten.

Some people still wonder about when AI is coming, I don;t think that there is any doubt that it is already here, but we’ve all been trained to NOT see it.


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