Genocidal narcissism and the consumerist zombie hoards

31 Mar

Genocidal narcissism and the consumerist zombie hoards
2017 March 31st
At the Jet Fuel Café

I was struck by the pointed aggressiveness of a white, late model of a Germany-originated luxury automobile brand global corporate entity, product. It came up right behind me crossing the Viaduct westbound; there was a large city works vehicle, doing an admirable job keeping to close to the speed limit, recently reduced from 50 kph, which few slowed to, to a new, stunningly slow 40 kph. Now, I don’t have any problem driving 40 kph along such a stretch, except for all of the assholes who follow at insanely close distances, seemingly trying to push you along, and succumb to their will, to break the law, going faster. That’s what she was doing. I didn’t take too much of a look at her, but the blond was from a bottle, and the vintage was getting up there; neither one could scarcely fail to notice the pretentious clothing, matching the car colour.
Narcissists under consider all but themselves, as such they are prime offenders of taking rights and authorities, while not at all concerning themselves with the associated responsibilities.

The severing of rights from their associated responsibilities is the defining characteristic of the hierarchical civilization.

As delineated in Yuval Harari’s Sapiens the ability for humans to a. conceive of, b. communicate and c. believe in fiction may have been the critical capability for humans to form social groups larger than 150 individuals (the theoretical number of individual humans that a human can ‘know’), and focus effort of many, many millions of people, like the United States of America, and the citizens believing in the Charters of Freedom: 1776 ‘United States Declaration of Independence’, ‘the Constitution of the United States of America’, and the ‘Bill of Rights’ (as if it wasn’t an obvious fiction!?)

I shall elaborate on this…. Soon(ish).


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