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The Line Must Be Drawn – communications lines need to be established!

30 Apr

French flag over-layed on French electoral map

2017 April 30th

The 2017 French Presidential Election is a case study in demonstrating how factions of the 0.1% manipulate the determination of prime ‘elected’ policy-makers, in ‘western’, ‘first world’, ‘democracies’.
At first I was bummed out, realizing that just like in the case of the 2016 American presidential election, the ‘fix’ was made at an initial phase of the process, at a time when attention is less, and from less people. The election itself was irrelevant for the hegemony of top 0.1%, which largely controls assignment of the [all but nominal] head of state; the entire process was about keeping Bernie out.
Likewise in France, the entire process was about keeping Mélenchon out!
A clear pattern is emerging in the recent 5 years.

The manipulation is visible at the stage prior to the final balloting!

In the American election, the fix, which let us not forget, was visible to the people, during the primaries, when the DNC were actively fixing it systemically against Bernie, so that their pro-in-group candidate, Hillary would win it.

Now in the French election, it’s in the first round.

In Canadian federal elections, as with the British electoral system, the electoral process step preceding the general election is the party leader selection process, done on a party-by-party basis.  You have to be a party member to participate in this process, and the rules vary across the three main political parties.  The selection process of the party leader may take place years prior to a general election; there is much laxer scrutiny of these leadership contests.

The take-a-ways are:

  1. More people have to get involved in the process – THAT MEANS YOU!
  2. Independently validatable processes must be set up to monitor and scrutinize the party leadership selection process
  3. Processes and templates for challenging party leadership results at every challenging point*, must be devised, communicated, and readied in advance of the processes running; definitely prior to the convention, during which the final selection is made
  4. All irregularities must be challenged immediately via every challenging point and all legal means available


challenging points all viable levels of legal challenge, i.e. Provincial, Federal, Federal Election, Supreme Court, etc. plus all other avenues, i.e. party governance, media/popular will, international court, etc.


Get LOUD! ~ Resistance – work for accountability at election time – France Presidential Election scam

25 Apr

Resistance Activities – The French 2017 Presidential Election scam

Flying submarines with The Saker
Reply comment to: from: claude on April 24, 2017 • at 6:09 pm UTC
As a French voter I agree with A. Mercouris’ analysis, specifically his last 2 paragraphs:
“In saying this I should stress that I strongly doubt the ploy has actually fooled anyone. The reason Macron is now set to become President of France is not because anybody was genuinely fooled by the transparently false propaganda created around him. It is because a sufficiently large number of French voters willfully colluded in the deception, with the propaganda being their excuse – not their reason – for voting for Macron.
That shows that for all the talk of malaise in France there is still a sufficiently large number of French voters with a stake in the current system to preserve the status quo, thereby keeping it going at least for a while longer.”
The only thing we can hope is that future violence will not be a consequence of the acceptation of the deception.

… The only thing we can hope is that future violence will not be a consequence of the acceptation of the deception.

The entire ‘environment’ being created with the top 0.1%/sociopaths, is inevitably driving towards increased occurrences of violence.

Perhaps convincing the correctly alluded to … ” “…a sufficiently large number of French voters wilfully colluded in the deception, with the propaganda being their excuse – not their reason – … .” of the inevitability of the path, with the current trajectory, and guided by the executive branch of the top 0.1%

People have a natural fear of stepping out of the ordinary. In today’s environment, where real and fictitious fears are raining down, like psychological carpet-bombing, by competing agencies, amongst the top 0.1%, seeking to ‘get their fair share’ (gaming each other, because that is what they are, sociopathic ‘gamers’, gaming the system, and not even capable of stopping, even if the system is on the brink of collapse).

A better hope….
is to take actions to expose the grand lie, by capturing evidence of manipulations, and communicating it coherently and effectively to the “sufficiently large number of [all] …voters willfully…” colluding “…in the deception, with the propaganda…”.

These people need compassion (most of them), and assistance in unshackling them from the chains of this downloaded prison system of free thought.

Organize to identify better and more effective techniques in creating messaging that helps people out of the matrix.

The tiny minority has an almost zero probability of long term success, regardless of moral disposition.


Get Loud – Resist the 0.1% destruction of everything!

The 2017 French Presidential Election – another fraud in the making? probably

21 Apr

2017 April 21st

Submitted as a comment at to the article “Champs-Elysees attack: Perfect timing, for some” at 15h50 (UTC-05:00) 2017 04 21

UPDATE: 20170425 17h10 (UTC-05:00) from:

“This petition has been created:

I’ve noticed several trends in the past 72 months (or so) of elections processes in G7 (plus ANZAC) nations.
1. Environmental factors, of course, as they are reported in the mainstream media, [apparently] result in candidates/parties/referendum polling outcomes to converge prior to the election timing.
2. Strange things happen during the actual voting process itself.
3. a candidate/party/referendum result is not as was (supposedly) expected by the experts, prior to voting

Now, in your article, the underlying direction is that these pre-election events have been manipulated to disfavour the ‘radical’ pro-more-equitable-living-standard candidate (for lack of a better word, this is the primary direction of the candidate, and a profession for common sense over traditional international affairs, where traditional international affairs is … a complete scam, like the EU and NATO direction towards a third world war!)

But the embedded assumption of a robust, rig-proof electoral process is in question, in my mind.

I feel like if they get it close enough, i.e. from a electorate perception management perspective, the highly-suspect polling process/reporting across this ‘western’ national subset, there are electoral process suasion mechanisms, getting better and better each running, to manipulate the electoral process to what ever the favoured candidate/party/referendum may be at the point in time.

I think we can assume that the ‘establishment’ (who/what ever they are), would prevent the pro-more-equitable-living-standard candidate from attaining power, as per your article.
I don’t think Fillon could win by fair electoral process, but he is at least in the top two preferred candidates for the ‘establishment’.
Assuming that they also consider Le Pen to be too ‘unpredictable’ to attain.

The best place to ‘get rid of’ Melenchon is in the first round, when there will be less clarity on the actual process, due to the larger number of variables and moving parts.

They (whomever they might be), would want it clear in the run-off; so, assuming (likely correctly) that Le Pen cannot win a run-off, except conceivably against Fillon, they might want her in the run-off, against Macron, the recent super-friend of the faltering middle-class republicans, so as to ‘fix-without-touching’ the run-off round.

Remember, these past contests have been more about keeping the candidate/party/referendum policy they don’t want out, more than putting in a particular candidate/party, as was the case in the US election, which was ultimately about keeping Bernie out, and had little ultimately to do with the choice between Trump and Clinton, for as hindsight is now showing us, mostly only branding differentiation, as opposed to actual policy differentiation.

1. expect a torrent of anti-Russian false-flag stories, like… supporting a border client regime in anti-LGBTQ… activities, and then link it back to Melenchon. There is probably one more they’ll let out of the bag before the election; since it is 15h00 (at UTC-05:00), it’ll have to happen pretty soon; Melenchon and Fillon to go in the first round.
2. with second round candidates Le Pen and Macron confirmed, we’d expect a switch in the mainstream media to anti-anti-immigrant material, i.e. [wordlessly assumed) Le Pen supporters bashing 30 year+ Arab immigrant women, who will have elaborate back-story development about how ‘françaises’ they were, and the wonderful things they’ve contributed to French society
3. but a good ‘terror’ incident never hurts an establishment candidate, for there is comfort in the known, and at a sub-conscious level, this may trump a longer-term visceral (potentially yet sub-conscious) yearning for change from the establishment; Macron may have differentiated himself enough (no doubt using the latest BI large data crunching statistical techniques)
4. Prediction: Macron in the run-off with a healthy margin over Le Pen, with the ongoing outrage over the gathering evidence supporting electoral fraud, in the primary, disfavoring Melenchon stiffled in the media, using the [likely unworded] ‘conspiracy theory’ dismissal technique
5. business as usual with NATO marching to war with Russia, with Macron’s reluctant admissions of ‘word order’ realities, forcing his hand….

I’m convinced there are clear trends in manipulating ‘democratic’ electoral processes, which are observable, but I’m still working on formalizing the emerging electoral process manipulation trends, at least for the prime techniques observable.
I might rant it out, incidentally, by blog at:

1. very, very robust, disciplined election scrutineering and reporting processes and execution; it will be tricky getting any meaningful information through the mainstream, so
2. ready alternative information distribution channels, and as close to instantaneous reporting by them
ultimately, however, lawyers will have to be involved, and immediately, to take actions to challenge the first round results
(as I write this analysis, having thought it through as I wrote, I am becoming more and more convinced of the prediction, but… it may be beatable! remember, this is France, and they can really get stuff stuck in their craugh, when they want to; I hope they’re still like that).
Due to the decrepit state of the judicial systems in the ‘first-world’ ‘western’ ‘democracies’, they move ridiculously slowly (the lawyer busy themselves with preparing large bills); so,
3. a ‘hurry-up’ legal election results disputation process needs to be prepared, and just the details finalized to launch, at multiple fronts and levels of government, as is viable under French election law.

I’m convinced the fix is in, but strangely optimistic that it could be beaten.

If you are in France, and want to take the battle to the offensive (there’s no other defense like it) ready:
1. disciplined process-driven scrutineering
2. non-traditional communications channels to broad electoral bases
3. ‘hurry-up’ legal election dispute processes, across multiple fronts and all available legal levels of challenge

4. watch and collect the data/evidence
5. communicate via established channels
6. cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s and launch legal challenges

Good luck.

France has lead the way before, (possibly due to an entrenched cultural obstinacy), it would be good to have a strike back now.

Showing it that it could be done might possibly co-ordinate the many submarines, stealthily lying in wait, across the deserts of the world.

Casually cleaning up the corpses

9 Apr

20170524 Update: Russian Defence Minister: White Helmets chemical attack footage ‘staged’

There is no evidence (let alone credible evidence) that the Syrian government ordered the use of chemical/biological weapons in Syria.
Further, evidence is mounting that there was NO SARIN GAS attack!
It’s completely FAKE NEWS!
It has been used by the ‘deep state’ in the USA and their international allies, one or more in the Middle East, to justify an illegal attack on Syria by the US government.
All the war-mongers are jumping up and down in giddy joy, even forgetting how much they hate Trump, apparently, supporting his deployment of cruise missiles in Syria that has likely killed hundreds of civilians, if not thousands.
Credit to Eva Bartlett, and her site “In GAza and Beyond

Eva, actually spent time in Syria, according to her web site, “Since April 2014, she has visited Syria 6 times, including two months in summer 2016 and once month in Oct/Nov 2016.”

The remainder of the links are from her latest post, in which she points out that if Sarin gas had been used, the ‘white helmets’ who are well-reportedly cleaning up the corpses, would likely die a horrible death.

BTW: the White Helmets are a total scam, operated by highly partisan pro-neo-liberal-agenda (i.e. pro regime change in Syria and most of the Middle East) agency.

See report of them at: Jumping to conclusions; something is not adding up in Idlib chemical weapons attack

Again, Assad had no reason to use chemical weapons, the progress of the Syrian army on the ground has been steadily cleaning up rebel/terrorist held territory, and his relationship with the new US administration was good; so he would definitely NOT have risked pulling off an idiotic stunt like using chemical weapons, just the kind of thing that the neo-liberal establishment would use to cattle-prod Trump into getting involved in Syria.

More links directly from In-Gaza and Beyond:

(video will open in another window) “Ex-UK Ambassador: Assad wasn’t behind the chemical attack“, Apr 5, 2017

Finian Cunningham, April 6, 2017, “Chemical reaction: Trump in U-turn, bubbling with Syria regime change

Rick Sterling, April 7, 2017, “The Escalating War on Syria and Need for International Law“:

This is all part of a slightly longer game to start a war with Russia by the tiny top minority at 99.9th percentile of wealth and control, to hide their voracious feeding at the trough of the majority 99% of the people.

Please contact your elected officials and tell all of your ‘friends’ that war is NOT GOING TO BE GOOD FOR US!


Note to the PM on NOT going to war!

8 Apr


Please take Canada out of any involvement in the escalation with Russia in the Baltics and stick to your statement about finding out what really happened in the Syrian province of Idlib.


I just posted the following comment on the CBC web site, for the article:

“The by-line:

“We are hoping that this is the just the beginning of more action and more involvement by the U.S.”, “so that the bloodshed in Syria can finally be stopped,”

Of course Dima Moussa, a spokesperson for Syrian National Council (a coalition of opposition groups) would say that.


This is not good for ALL of humankind!


The blame of the chemical/biological attack in Syria, on the Syrian regime, and the implicit ‘conspirator’ Russia is a prime example of FAKE NEWS.

This is a fabricated story/incident to create the illusion of justification to start a WAR!


The media is complicit in not operating by their own standards of verifying stories; this is just as ridiculous as the Wash. Post story about the Russian government agents hacking the power utility in Vermont; utterly ridiculous.


Our news agencies CANNOT be trusted.

Every person who reads this should do everything in their power to help de-escalate the prospects of war (at least for Canada).

Please send an email to our illustrious Prime Minister to his public message service (for just such purposes), at the Government of Canada web site:


So, to be perfectly fair, even though they probably won’t post it, I thought I should directly let you know.


I am a great fan of you, for having dethroned the dictator Harper, and his bunch.

However, I am greatly concerned by your tacit adoption of pretty well 90% of his neo-Liberal agenda policy and direction; I know you have dressed it up with demographically appealing frills, but the progression to the police state and extreme income polarization (the middle class is almost gone – all financially enslaven at what is effectively utter financial precariousness), is troubling, to say the least.

Now, I suspect that it’s not all that easy; it’s a big job, and very complex and all that, but I know you can do better.”

Pondering a nuclear winter…

7 Apr

Pondering the nuclear winter, after the first truly sociopathic action that the new POTUS has taken.

2017 April 7th

Climat change, and now this, a provokation for WWIII

Well, not to say that I’ve been an apologist, but finally, I have my first substantial criticism of the new president of the USA, this unprovoked attack on territorial Syria is an act of war, potentially initiating WWIII!
They’ve been working on him, and I thought, at the very least, that he’d of had the balls to stand up to them, and keep sane, and avoid increasing the threat of global war, likely nuclear.
It’s as bad as that!

It turned out, all they had to do was keep him well fluffed.

And the western, so-called ‘democratic industrialized nations’ media/propaganda industry cheers on from the sidelines, repeating “FAKE NEWS” over and over and over again, and again.
Scary in and of itself.
Here is a quote from the (completed aligned to neo-liberal agenda) CBC, article ANALYSIS Missile attack on Syria might be ‘win-win’ for embattled Trump.    The second and third paragraphs read:

For now, Mideast and security experts say, it appears the tactical retaliatory strike against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — the first direct American military assault on Assad since the civil war began in 2011 — was a one-time attack, ordered a day after Assad unleashed a suspected sarin gas attack that killed an estimated 80 people and was denounced as a war crime by human rights groups.

But even in the fog of war, it could be a clarifying moment for Trump, a president who has over the course of the last two days reversed the non-interventionist doctrine that has been a hallmark of his foreign policy position since his campaign for president.


I submitted a comment to the CBC web site for this article, which they likely will NOT publish:

Every sane person must do everything they can to advocate for a de-escalation of war!

If the opposite situation were to occur, it would be called “WAR”!
What if: Russia launched 50 cruise missiles on any of, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Israel?
It would start a world war!
This act by the USA is the same thing, from the other side of the mirror.

I’ve hung in there, tough, saying stuff like, “he couldn’t be as bad as Hillary”, and, “just about every man I know has spoken like that”, but initiating war, quite possibly WWIII, is the reason I thought he couldn’t be as bad as Hillary.

Sarin gas:
There was absolutely no need, nor purpose for Syria/Russia to use chemical weapons in Syria; the Syrian regime was inspected all over, ridiculously violating their sovereignty, and confirmed to be WITHOUT chemical/biological weapons!
But western-backed agents, some extreme, were in fact trained in the production, transport and usage of these weapons.
The most likely scenario was the Syrian air force hit a stockpile of rebel-held weapons/components.

The media is complicit:
The story is reported with the same unprofessional, inadequate verification of the sources, the entire chemical weapons attack attribution to the Syrian regime is devoid of supporting evidence, and critically, almost criminal in its absence of analyzing potential other motivators behind the slaughter.
Who is benefitting from this?
The tenor of the story is almost gleeful.
It’s sickening.

People WAKE UP! This is as serious as it gets!

This is a prelude to war!


The following are comments I’ve made, at the CBC, starting with the story about ‘somebody’ using the ‘Stingray’ cell phone signal capture devises in Ottawa, the first one was ‘disabled’ by the moderator at the CBC, but for some reason the second, with comments at the top made it through, then the FAKE NEWS Syria/Russia use of chemical weapons.

2017 04 04  “Surveillance devices spying on cellphones detected in the nation’s capital
You are a corrupt propaganda agency.

Under what clause in the submission guidelines does this comment get flagged and disabled?

“Interesting, particularly the length and depth of the article, rare, made a front page, primary headline placement on the web site at high volume time slot.
If this article follows an already established pattern, we can expect subsequent articles:
1. follow up story, including more detail of the current ‘out group’ nations’ activities in these types of espionage and other.
2. an interconnection to another thread, either to start, or already going, implicating the ‘out group’ nations involvement in one or more morally defaming activities, sponsored, of course, either implicitly or otherwise, by the government of the ‘out group’ nation(s); the fraudulently interconnected ‘facts’ will then be used (conflagrated) as conclusive evidence for a planned attack, of some sort, upon the righteous functioning of our society.
3. a series of articles describing the out nations war preparation activities and on-going aggressive and deplorable actions.

The elite class is ‘creating’ a war to cover the tracks of their massive theft and fraud of the 99%, and all of the corrupt ‘fixes’ in place giving them a free ride, and the infrastructure which supports their ongoing, ever increasing consolidation of power.

Say ‘no’ to war; it is not a good thing for the most of us.”  

2017 04 06  ” ‘Beyond a red line’: Syria attack tests Trump’s changing foreign-policy attitude

We are witnessing a bold example of “FAKE NEWS” right here and now!

There is no evidence, and absolutely no reasonable explanation or logic behind why either Syria or Russia would use any chemical/biological weapons at this stage of the colonial war that has been waged on Syria by ‘the West’ and its regional allies.
The referenced ‘human rights’ watch is a middle-aged man somewhere in the UK, no where near Syria!
The establishment/top tenth of the 1% wealthiest, are driving public opinion towards war with Russia, in order to cover their tracks of all of the theft that they have been reaping for the past twenty years, now accelerating at an obsene and impossible to hide rate.
The so-called ‘White Helmuts’ and a HIGH PARTISAN group supporting anybody agaist Assad, including radical fringe religious groups, like ISIS!

Don’t be fooled. War will be disasterous, except for them; they’ll get off scot-free, with all of the stolen wealth, and the tracks will be well hidden.

Please write you MP and tell them that you want de-escalation and some kind of meaningful audit of the major media outlets.

This media-coup has already been used, Venezuela, Ukraine, the USA, and now in the ‘Western’ countries to initiate a war with Russia and/or China.”  

the Jet Fuel Café

4 Apr

2017 April 4th at the Jet Fuel Café

The Jet Fuel Café

It’s dreary, drizzling, cool, in front of me, on the street.
I come here to try to catch a thread from the whirlwind in my mind, before going to box, which usually calms me.
Some of the 4:30 pm ‘usuals’ are here, as the frequently they are; several of them have been coming to this coffee shop for years
My brother and I rode here at 11:30 pm on Saturday night; the date is notable, April 1st, because it is the date of the annual Jet Fuel Party. This one was the 25th anniversary of this location, 519 Parliament.

Writing this blog entry, I recall that I was considering tentatively calling the title of my next book[i], “Jet Fuel Café“; but that’s another story.

I would also like to note that I will continue my elaboration on the destructive social symptom of narcissism,Genocidal narcissism and the consumerist zombie hoards”, … soon(ishly).


Back to the party, late Saturday night …

Unfortunately the party continued a trend of the past few years, busy with people I don’t know, and have never seen at the café before, many of whom seemed to know each other quite well, and few regulars, fewer long time regulars, lurking, most in the back.

Apparently, last year, it was quite a bit tamer, with less of these people who have not been seen at the café before.  I didn’t end up going, since the trend had been picking up steam in the past few years; too bad.

Something that was different this year, was the advanced age of all of these ‘previously-not-been-to-the-café–before/very often’; they were my age, and, somewhat weirdly, older.  They moshed it up, seemingly carefree, inside at the back.  Whether they were carefree or not, they were getting free beer, according to the long standing tradition.  A tradition started to show a little love to the regulars, and give them a opportunity to let it all hang out, even more than usual.

An insider told me that Johnny was considering for this to be the last year of the annual April 1st public parties.

Back two decades ago, the café was frequented by a community of reckless adrenaline addicts, many of them bicycle couriers, at a time well before there were any ‘tourist’ bicycle couriers, coming in daily from the financially secure haven of their parents place in the suburbs, so that they didn’t really have to earn a living wage.  No these bicycle couriers were authentic rebels and misfits, for real; while certainly there was some posturing, many of these people lived just off the street, sometimes not off it.  These people made good customers with their eight to ten espresso per day habits, and infused the community of the patronage of the café with its seminal values, working hard, and partying even harder, with any and all ‘supplements’ in wreckless abandon.  It was a charged vibe, that frequency of frenzied engagement, and suffused with an implicit irreverence.

But like many of the respectful customs in our society, gamed avidly, by a dedicated gaming class.  You know the type, they always have good reasons to NOT show up for the work, or show up and manage to NOT work very much, but they are always there with their good reasons why they should get to participate in the rewards; so the people that actually DID the work, get less reward from it!


[i] First book, “Wayward” – “ Amongst the Vicarious Selves”, as yet unpublished