Pondering a nuclear winter…

7 Apr

Pondering the nuclear winter, after the first truly sociopathic action that the new POTUS has taken.

2017 April 7th

Climat change, and now this, a provokation for WWIII

Well, not to say that I’ve been an apologist, but finally, I have my first substantial criticism of the new president of the USA, this unprovoked attack on territorial Syria is an act of war, potentially initiating WWIII!
They’ve been working on him, and I thought, at the very least, that he’d of had the balls to stand up to them, and keep sane, and avoid increasing the threat of global war, likely nuclear.
It’s as bad as that!

It turned out, all they had to do was keep him well fluffed.

And the western, so-called ‘democratic industrialized nations’ media/propaganda industry cheers on from the sidelines, repeating “FAKE NEWS” over and over and over again, and again.
Scary in and of itself.
Here is a quote from the (completed aligned to neo-liberal agenda) CBC, article ANALYSIS Missile attack on Syria might be ‘win-win’ for embattled Trump.    The second and third paragraphs read:

For now, Mideast and security experts say, it appears the tactical retaliatory strike against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad — the first direct American military assault on Assad since the civil war began in 2011 — was a one-time attack, ordered a day after Assad unleashed a suspected sarin gas attack that killed an estimated 80 people and was denounced as a war crime by human rights groups.

But even in the fog of war, it could be a clarifying moment for Trump, a president who has over the course of the last two days reversed the non-interventionist doctrine that has been a hallmark of his foreign policy position since his campaign for president.


I submitted a comment to the CBC web site for this article, which they likely will NOT publish:

Every sane person must do everything they can to advocate for a de-escalation of war!

If the opposite situation were to occur, it would be called “WAR”!
What if: Russia launched 50 cruise missiles on any of, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Israel?
It would start a world war!
This act by the USA is the same thing, from the other side of the mirror.

I’ve hung in there, tough, saying stuff like, “he couldn’t be as bad as Hillary”, and, “just about every man I know has spoken like that”, but initiating war, quite possibly WWIII, is the reason I thought he couldn’t be as bad as Hillary.

Sarin gas:
There was absolutely no need, nor purpose for Syria/Russia to use chemical weapons in Syria; the Syrian regime was inspected all over, ridiculously violating their sovereignty, and confirmed to be WITHOUT chemical/biological weapons!
But western-backed agents, some extreme, were in fact trained in the production, transport and usage of these weapons.
The most likely scenario was the Syrian air force hit a stockpile of rebel-held weapons/components.

The media is complicit:
The story is reported with the same unprofessional, inadequate verification of the sources, the entire chemical weapons attack attribution to the Syrian regime is devoid of supporting evidence, and critically, almost criminal in its absence of analyzing potential other motivators behind the slaughter.
Who is benefitting from this?
The tenor of the story is almost gleeful.
It’s sickening.

People WAKE UP! This is as serious as it gets!

This is a prelude to war!


The following are comments I’ve made, at the CBC, starting with the story about ‘somebody’ using the ‘Stingray’ cell phone signal capture devises in Ottawa, the first one was ‘disabled’ by the moderator at the CBC, but for some reason the second, with comments at the top made it through, then the FAKE NEWS Syria/Russia use of chemical weapons.

2017 04 04  “Surveillance devices spying on cellphones detected in the nation’s capital
You are a corrupt propaganda agency.

Under what clause in the submission guidelines does this comment get flagged and disabled?

“Interesting, particularly the length and depth of the article, rare, made a front page, primary headline placement on the web site at high volume time slot.
If this article follows an already established pattern, we can expect subsequent articles:
1. follow up story, including more detail of the current ‘out group’ nations’ activities in these types of espionage and other.
2. an interconnection to another thread, either to start, or already going, implicating the ‘out group’ nations involvement in one or more morally defaming activities, sponsored, of course, either implicitly or otherwise, by the government of the ‘out group’ nation(s); the fraudulently interconnected ‘facts’ will then be used (conflagrated) as conclusive evidence for a planned attack, of some sort, upon the righteous functioning of our society.
3. a series of articles describing the out nations war preparation activities and on-going aggressive and deplorable actions.

The elite class is ‘creating’ a war to cover the tracks of their massive theft and fraud of the 99%, and all of the corrupt ‘fixes’ in place giving them a free ride, and the infrastructure which supports their ongoing, ever increasing consolidation of power.

Say ‘no’ to war; it is not a good thing for the most of us.”  

2017 04 06  ” ‘Beyond a red line’: Syria attack tests Trump’s changing foreign-policy attitude

We are witnessing a bold example of “FAKE NEWS” right here and now!

There is no evidence, and absolutely no reasonable explanation or logic behind why either Syria or Russia would use any chemical/biological weapons at this stage of the colonial war that has been waged on Syria by ‘the West’ and its regional allies.
The referenced ‘human rights’ watch is a middle-aged man somewhere in the UK, no where near Syria!
The establishment/top tenth of the 1% wealthiest, are driving public opinion towards war with Russia, in order to cover their tracks of all of the theft that they have been reaping for the past twenty years, now accelerating at an obsene and impossible to hide rate.
The so-called ‘White Helmuts’ and a HIGH PARTISAN group supporting anybody agaist Assad, including radical fringe religious groups, like ISIS!

Don’t be fooled. War will be disasterous, except for them; they’ll get off scot-free, with all of the stolen wealth, and the tracks will be well hidden.

Please write you MP and tell them that you want de-escalation and some kind of meaningful audit of the major media outlets.

This media-coup has already been used, Venezuela, Ukraine, the USA, and now in the ‘Western’ countries to initiate a war with Russia and/or China.”  


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