Note to the PM on NOT going to war!

8 Apr


Please take Canada out of any involvement in the escalation with Russia in the Baltics and stick to your statement about finding out what really happened in the Syrian province of Idlib.


I just posted the following comment on the CBC web site, for the article:

“The by-line:

“We are hoping that this is the just the beginning of more action and more involvement by the U.S.”, “so that the bloodshed in Syria can finally be stopped,”

Of course Dima Moussa, a spokesperson for Syrian National Council (a coalition of opposition groups) would say that.


This is not good for ALL of humankind!


The blame of the chemical/biological attack in Syria, on the Syrian regime, and the implicit ‘conspirator’ Russia is a prime example of FAKE NEWS.

This is a fabricated story/incident to create the illusion of justification to start a WAR!


The media is complicit in not operating by their own standards of verifying stories; this is just as ridiculous as the Wash. Post story about the Russian government agents hacking the power utility in Vermont; utterly ridiculous.


Our news agencies CANNOT be trusted.

Every person who reads this should do everything in their power to help de-escalate the prospects of war (at least for Canada).

Please send an email to our illustrious Prime Minister to his public message service (for just such purposes), at the Government of Canada web site:


So, to be perfectly fair, even though they probably won’t post it, I thought I should directly let you know.


I am a great fan of you, for having dethroned the dictator Harper, and his bunch.

However, I am greatly concerned by your tacit adoption of pretty well 90% of his neo-Liberal agenda policy and direction; I know you have dressed it up with demographically appealing frills, but the progression to the police state and extreme income polarization (the middle class is almost gone – all financially enslaven at what is effectively utter financial precariousness), is troubling, to say the least.

Now, I suspect that it’s not all that easy; it’s a big job, and very complex and all that, but I know you can do better.”


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