Casually cleaning up the corpses

9 Apr

20170524 Update: Russian Defence Minister: White Helmets chemical attack footage ‘staged’

There is no evidence (let alone credible evidence) that the Syrian government ordered the use of chemical/biological weapons in Syria.
Further, evidence is mounting that there was NO SARIN GAS attack!
It’s completely FAKE NEWS!
It has been used by the ‘deep state’ in the USA and their international allies, one or more in the Middle East, to justify an illegal attack on Syria by the US government.
All the war-mongers are jumping up and down in giddy joy, even forgetting how much they hate Trump, apparently, supporting his deployment of cruise missiles in Syria that has likely killed hundreds of civilians, if not thousands.
Credit to Eva Bartlett, and her site “In GAza and Beyond

Eva, actually spent time in Syria, according to her web site, “Since April 2014, she has visited Syria 6 times, including two months in summer 2016 and once month in Oct/Nov 2016.”

The remainder of the links are from her latest post, in which she points out that if Sarin gas had been used, the ‘white helmets’ who are well-reportedly cleaning up the corpses, would likely die a horrible death.

BTW: the White Helmets are a total scam, operated by highly partisan pro-neo-liberal-agenda (i.e. pro regime change in Syria and most of the Middle East) agency.

See report of them at: Jumping to conclusions; something is not adding up in Idlib chemical weapons attack

Again, Assad had no reason to use chemical weapons, the progress of the Syrian army on the ground has been steadily cleaning up rebel/terrorist held territory, and his relationship with the new US administration was good; so he would definitely NOT have risked pulling off an idiotic stunt like using chemical weapons, just the kind of thing that the neo-liberal establishment would use to cattle-prod Trump into getting involved in Syria.

More links directly from In-Gaza and Beyond:

(video will open in another window) “Ex-UK Ambassador: Assad wasn’t behind the chemical attack“, Apr 5, 2017

Finian Cunningham, April 6, 2017, “Chemical reaction: Trump in U-turn, bubbling with Syria regime change

Rick Sterling, April 7, 2017, “The Escalating War on Syria and Need for International Law“:

This is all part of a slightly longer game to start a war with Russia by the tiny top minority at 99.9th percentile of wealth and control, to hide their voracious feeding at the trough of the majority 99% of the people.

Please contact your elected officials and tell all of your ‘friends’ that war is NOT GOING TO BE GOOD FOR US!



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