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The Myth of Race

23 Aug

The Myth of Race   2017 August 2017

I have noted the rise in ‘race’/genetic ‘media’ coverage, as a general trend in this year (some of us call) 2017.

It has approximately aligned with the overt and ridiculous take over of the mainstream media, and looks very much like an intermediate stage social media as a tool of hybrid warfare (as per NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence; see ) by proponents of racial differentiation/superiority.

Recently, for the first time, I read the term “Racial Denialism”, maybe it was at UNZ.
What a curious term?!

These ‘arguments’ seem to implicitly suggest generational persistence.
While I don’t see a prima facia problem with associating genetic configurations to behavioural/intelligence phenotypical traits, the question of generational persistence is greatly troubling.

Maybe I am wrong, but as far as I know, only Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA are the only traceable persistent genetic configurations.
With little or no evidence of co-persistence in these other genetic configurations, the entire argument for racial differentiation is invalidated.

In the end, what the rise in the discussions of race/intelligence in the ‘media’ shows, is that people in power want to socialize the concept, massage it along, and eventually infect people with the false belief of racial group differentiation, most likely to justify their own existing grip on…


It is propaganda/psyops campaign underway.