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The only war that really matters right now!

4 May

The only war that really matters right now!
2018 May 4th 

20180504.02_earth and mushroom cloud_lowerd_rez

going nuclear, the psychotic factions of the 0.1% driving to the end

I will describe the geopolitical baseline, with which I evaluate events on the world stage.

1. Since the late 1980s, a single dominant nation-state has ‘ostensibly‘ been ‘running the show’, including overwhelming alignment/domination of certain ‘spheres of interest‘, and using spheres of interest agency, along with their own, to further establish their, what is effectively, protection racket.

2. At the time of the emergence of the dominant nation-state, as the principle nation-state actor, said nation-state had a well-developed economy, diverse and educated population base, and provided stable security to its citizens in: food, shelter, protection from unfair assail, internal and external, health and education, infrastructure to enable advanced economic activities.

3. But the dominant nation-state had been shifting the concentration of its efforts on a different economic paradigm, skimming; skimming from every transaction of the planet, all (for the most part) denominated in it’s fiat currency! Thus, on many, many different levels, mechanisms were refined, established, and optimized on a continual-improvement basis, to skim better, more, and with less accountability (more stealth). All that was required to keep this rainmaker going was continued adherence of the nations of the world, to the dominant nation’s/collective/hegemon’s system of finance, in which, they skim; so to accomplish this, they devoted extreme amounts to military, and military technology/capability development, and enforced, mostly by bullying, this adherence.

4. Of course to maintain the burn rate on the military and military technology development spending, resource were ‘necessarily (some would say ‘systemically‘) diverted from such things as: “…food, shelter, protection from unfair assail, internal…“, “…health and education, infrastructure to enable advanced economic activities.“, thereby degrading standards of living almost universally, except for the extremely wealthy, who, as it would turn out, were much, much, much better off!?!

5. But something went wrong, or did it? The returns on investment into the military and military technology development seems to have lagged. As the acceleration of the social schism/economic polarization progressed, the extreme minority group became less and less tethered to any meaningful connections to life on the planet, and the rest of the people became less and less empowered to be able to do anything about it.

6. The skill and capability for skimming out-stripped and undermined all other capability, like a neurosis, it became an obsession, in and of itself, (along with one or more agendas among the competing factions of this rarefied segment of society); so all that money, redirected from services that governments are supposed to provide to societies, to military and military technology development, got skimmed!

Update 2018.05.06: please see Saker article 2018.05.05 “Military and non-miltary escalation into nuclear war.“, and excellent comments, in which R. Lesnoix details systemic corruption in U.S. military and MIC.

7. Of course, all this skimming activity, at the fattest point of the system, greatly reinforced the accelerating polarization of society, mostly by multiplying the concentration of wealth to factions comprising a minute minority, and furthering their disassociation from humanity and empathy to life, in general.

8. One can see, in retrospect, that one or more faction likely came into the struggle with a dedicated negative sum gain gaming approach. Since it will out-compete other models, this has certainly become the norm, so while they concentrate truly incomprehensible amounts of wealth and/or power, the overall capability of the society to create surplus wealth/power for skimming is diminishing, potentially now at a logarithmic rate.

9. The distraction and neurosis of the motive membership in the elite wealth/power-hording factions, already detached from reality and obsessive/compulsive to it’s very core, is being greatly exacerbated by the inevitable weaknesses being exposed, as the ramped-up sociopathic bullying behaviours of the empire alienates besieged and/or less/alternatively controlled societies, who as a direct result of the empire’s bullying bahaviours, have been forced to increase their capacities and develop alternative infrastructures to circumvent the empire’s sociopathic controlling for the purposes of skimming, and to quell the associated neurotic anxiety caused by anything less than 100% control of everything!

10. The obsessive-compulsive drive for control-of-everything-that-can-be controlled, to compensate for the the empire’s external control faltering, is causing a steep clampdown on dissent and fact-based information getting to the people, thereby enlarging a perception gap between citizens living under the empire’s control, and those living out of the direct controlling influences of the empire. [standard warmongering activity – nothing new there, only the means of effecting this perceptual schism.]

It is this baseline that provides the context for day-to-day, and year-to-year events, including a question posed by Pepe Escobar at the Vineyard of the Saker cross-posted with the Asia Times by special agreement with the author:

Eurasia torn between war and peace

Eurasia, holdouts from the obsessive hegemonic drives of the quorum of 0.1% factions, together, effectively The Empire executive, having benefited greatly from the obsessive power-mongering of the the Empire executive, to enable a startling development of the own infrastructures, China, and flippant detachment from reality, greatly reducing ability to assess reality and make structural adjustments, Russia, along with Iran, controlling a preponderance of the emerging primary petro-chemical energy source, natural gas, has no other option but to join the emerging Eurasian group, in building.

At it’s very fundamental essence, this comes down to two diametrically antagonistic ideologies, building and destroying.

The problem, for us, the inhabitants of planet Earth, is that it is much easier to destroy, than to build.
The real issue is the sick cancer of the reality-detached psychopaths within the elite power-mongering factions of the 0.1%.
The war between the elite power-mongering factions of the 0.1% and humanity is the real war, and the war on which the fate of humanity and likely the biosphere will depend.

This is a war which has been underway for some time, by one of the sides, and to which the other side must acknowledge and engage, if the planet is to be saved!



Mainstream Media is FAKE NEWS!!!

30 Nov

2017 November 29th
Mainstream Media is FAKE NEWS!!!

I am saddened to have witnessed the beloved CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), descend to fulfill its new role as propaganda agency for the empire.
Once such a reliable presenter of information, valid insomuch as its relevance to one’s conducting one’s own affairs in an informed way, so as to maximize happiness, or whatever, now it systemically promotes disinformation so flagrantly, it would have made the CNN chief editor of twenty years ago blush.
You know it’s really bad when you definitely get better information from Russia Today compared to anything is the so-called ‘Western world’.
I will, however, take the opportunity to point out hope, where it does exist, the best news available for the wars in the Middle East is delivered for $5000 USD per month from  Also, you could check out Eva Bartlett, who goes and lives in these countries, resistant to IMF and World Bank enslavement, at In Gaza and beyond.  Or The Saker’s latest, Progress Report on the US-Russian War .
The methods and modalities, of course, notably the advent of the internet, and handheld communications devices, have logarithmic increased capabilities, enabling all encompassing perception management.
If these capabilities exist, then we can all be certain that malevolent actors will be using them to fulfill their obsessive pursuit, power.
The malevolent creatures of the power-mongering 0.1% are certainly using these capabilities to increase the extraction of power, typically $$$, from the masses, harvesting your life!
While this is enabled across a wide spectrum of society, I would like to focus on those agencies with a unwarranted expectation of integrity and trust, the credentialed media agencies in the ‘western world’.
Who holds this critical societal agency accountable?!
Clearly, the government, which answers to the same masters, will not, without extreme persuasion. And, if they did ,they would put in some obscure, opaque system, which would only gag any challenger to the accuracy of the news, likely like the government of Canada’s pathetic policy on harassment, see (but who knows what is what, because its being presented by the self-same CBC!?)
I propose
Noam Chomsky has presented 10 techniques of manipulation and methods for mitigating (viewable on youtube at: .
The 10 methods:
1. strategy of distraction
2. create problems, offer solutions
3. the gradual strategy
4. the strategy of deferral
5. go to the public as a little child
6. use the emotional side
7. keep the public in ignorance
8. encourage mediocrity and complacent
9. self-blame
10. know the individuals better
It is possible to put measures in place for these techniques, and score credentialed media agencies, use a points system which could ultimately result in suspension of credentials.

This is a straight-forward media governance tactic which could be implemented with the minimum of churn, but it is effectively only a band-aid solution.
The real problem is more widespread than this, and has to include all communications modalities and originators, and a robust process for certification of news by the agencies, and some kind of guidelines and/or laws for all media publishers, including individual social media users; alas, this is a much more complex challenge, which, judging by the effectiveness of our current system of governance (Canada is by no means the worst), may well be impossible for the government to accomplish.
Yet it is needed.

You could also check out Amongst the Vicarious Selves; in chapter 17. Running the Bloqueo he first has insight into the disinformation of the news.

The REAL Nightmare Being Orchestrated by the Empire!

31 Oct

20171031 The Real Nightmare Being Orchestrated

2017 October 31st – All Hallows’ Eve

The orchestration of the real nightmare is almost completed; in fact, it is so close to completion, that it could be used now!

This is bad for all of humankind, and in fact, the entire life of the biosphere, this precious planet Earth that has created us, and nurtured us to our tremendous capabilities to create good!

We already live in Eden, though we are destroying her at an ever increasing rate.

But, even the nightmare of daily extinctions and mass toxification on the planet are not as ready, nor likely risk to all, as the pending planned mass nuclear winter extinction!

Fall of the Petrodollar

So, the fall and crash of the petro-dollar looms large to anyone paying any attention to major global political events; this is a very, very big one, indeed!

No less, the end of an era, the American Empire of Global Domination, as we know it, will be changing dramatically.   After both being respectively spurned by the U.S.A., and treated as subordinate, vassals, China and Russia need each other. 

China, the fastest growing economy over the past 25 years, thanks largely to the outsourcing of industry to them, from the U.S.A., so the greed-obsessed rich, could make windfall on the extremely low labour cost differential; too bad there is nobody working at home anymore to be able to afford the great stuff made in China. 

Russia, from an economically crushed Soviet Union, then looted mercilessly by the empire, emerged with a viable energy sector; but needing a new devil to point at to deflect the Kafkesque hypocrisy at home, re-instituted the demonization of Russia, and accompanying economic sanctions,  forcing Russia to diversify its economy, to cope.  It also forced them to radically reorganize their armed forces to the geostrategic facts of life of the 21st century.

With the war drum booming in the empire (U.S.A. dominated hegemony, including most, if not all of the so-called ‘Western industrialized nations), the traditional adversaries, Russia and China, have found a common cause to ally against.  Russia’s now world leading military technology and capability complements the vast numeric mobilization capability of China.  Russia’s vast energy reserves complements the vast industrial capacity of China.

With the strategically absurd alienation of Iran, a largely successful socialist country, and with approximately half of the world-wide natural gas reserves (read: petrochemical of the future), the final piece of the puzzle fits into place.

Many countries have been economically sabotaged by the empire for trying to sell/buy petro-energy in other than U.S. dollars, and everybody has been held hostage to the hegemony by it, and domestic policy effectively owned, to boot, but the alignment of necessity of these three countries presents the greatest threat ever to the hegemony of the petro-dollar.  The Empire knows it!

The Empire Strikes BAck

But I digress.  What is this ‘nightmare scenario’ in the headline, about?

The Empire has been steadily setting up conflict zones around the planet: Ukraine, the Middle East, northwestern Eurasia, North Korea/South China Sea, just to name the larger ones.

What’s more, at home, the U.S.A. is in the midst of a coup d’etat/civil war; the office of the Executive (POTUS) ridiculed daily by the denizens of the Mainstream Mass Media; this has lead to terminal susceptibility of the POTUS to the machinations of the anti-human swamp-things of the ‘deep state’, a competing faction of uber-financial/power elite, neo-human creatures with no empathetic capability, obsessed with gaining evermore power and control, at any cost to everybody else, for the purposes of … power and control.

If one looks at the strange situation which lead to the start of the Great War (WWI), one sees the same extant number of potential flashpoints.  [Most of what I know about the topic, I read in Margaret MacMillan‘s “The War That Ended Peace“).  As it turned out, the assassination of the Arch Duke initiated a primed Slavic rebellion, and is often considered the fuse that ignited the explosives of the world war.  But it could have been one of many, likely established for just such a purpose, to start a catastrophic conflict.

Of course, not all suffered, and some became much, much more wealthy.

We, under the thumb of the 0.1%, have been thieved to non-sustainability!  They have to hide their rampant theft, and ‘foggy the view’; a cataclysmic war is just the thing that has worked so well in the past!

Unfortunately, this time it’s even worse than it was before

Because of the parasite of greed and graft, now embedded into the American and mostly the entire ‘Western nation‘ systems, economy, processes, the ongoing viability of the empire nations is failing.  Despite spending more on military and ‘intelligence services‘, than everyone else put together, the American military has NOT ever been re-organized and equipped to resolve crises in the 21st century geostrategic and technological realities.  Instead, they’ve just continued to throw more money at it, which efficiently gets sucked off by the parasites, and increases their capacity to take over everything.

A traditional conflict will be unwinnable for the U.S.A./allies against a Russia-China-Iran alliance; best possible outcome for the empire is sustained, never-ending war!

So they’ll have to use the ‘nuclear option‘!

No one wins a nuclear war!  No one!

What you can do!

  1. Find out what’s going on: did you know that NATO was building up troop garrisons in the Baltic Republics and Poland to engage Russia, using a ‘fake news’ pretext?  (well, they are!)
  2. Contact all levels of government, tell them that you are against escalations in conflict, i.e. the NATO troop build-up in the Baltic’s.
  3. Vote for your federal political representatives who support a de-escalation policy.
  4. Spread the word,
    1. no one will win the coming war
    2. the sick power elite need a war to cover their tracks, and have no capability to see the cost to humanity or the biosphere; they are socio-pathic warmongers who wouldn’t hesitate to set it off, if the ROI was compelling enough.
  5. Work to enable social justice and a more equitable distribution of the wealth; certainly there should be NO HOMELESS people!







Get Over the Political Left to Right Divide

3 Sep

Get Over the Political Left to Right Divide        2017 September 3rd

It is definitely time to leave the old political characterizations of “Left” and “Right” behind.

While one must be careful endorsing any large organizational entities, Wiki has an entry forLeft-Right political spectrum“.

While there may (?!) have been usefulness of this kind of binary differentiation in political discussions, these days, all it does is artificially fosters divisions within the 99%, further enabling the 0.1% to retain control above the inane din below.

If you were to boil down the actual differences between these supposed ideologies, you might find, as I did, that ‘the left’ purports to in inherent, intrinsic level of responsibility, while ‘the right’  seems to support an attitude that if you paid for it, your responsibility is complete.  Of course this is great simplification of the supposed spectrum (you could just as easily read ‘rectum‘), try it out for a while, and see what you think.

The only real true divide in society is the top 0.1%-1% and the 99%, and this, of course, is in and of itself, a spectrum.  But there is a significant difference between competing factions in the top 0.1% and everybody else, their defacto ‘jobs’ are maintaining the status quo for wealth/power divisions, in which they reign, versus the 99%, who are trying to make the most of what (little) they get.

The artificial political divide maintained for the elite 0.1%, by their top 0.9% toadies is wearing thin after Charlottesville, and the Hillary Clinton Democratic National Committee cheat to win the Democrat nomination, then having been exposed by a leak, creating a full onslaught of fake Russia involvement news.

So the two groups are: a. those that work towards maintaining their unreasonable control of power and wealth, and b. those that would like for a more equitable distribution of power and wealth, which needless to say, would comparatively favour them.  There is a group c. the bottom 9/10ths of the top 1% (approximately) who vary across a range of i. being grateful for their existing level of wealth power, in the service of their masters in the top 0.1%, and willing to do whatever it takes to not slip into the bottom 99%, and ii. desiring to be in the top 0.1% and willing to do whatever it takes to get there.



If you are in the 99%, better to let go of the left v. right divide and focus on addressing the dysfunctional distribution of wealth/power.   The other differences between people in the 99% are less relevant until a better distribution of wealth/power is achieved.

The God(s) Must Be Crazy!

20 Jun

The God(s) Must Be Crazy

2017 June 20

Anyone still believing in the primacy of a mystical, superstitious, utterly unproovable by any objective means, are the real crazies.
I can’t hope to equal the excellent treatment of religion Yuval Harari gives it, in his fantastic book, Sapiens“: p.210:  … all social orders and hierarchies are imagined, they are all fragile, and the larger the society, the more fragile it is. The crucial historical role of religion has been to give superhuman legitimacy to these fragile structures. …
… two distinct criteria:
1. Religions hold that there is a superhuman order, which is not the product of human whims or agreements. …
2. Based on this superhuman order, religion establishes norms and values that it considers binding. …
p. 228 The Worship of Man:…if we take into consideration natural-law religions, then modernity turns out to be an age of intense religious fervour, unparalleled missionary efforts, and the bloodiest wars of religion in history.  The modern age has witnessed the rise of new natural-law religions, such as liberalism, Communism, capitalism, nationalism, and Nazism.  These creeds do not like to be called religions, and refer to themselves as ideologies.  But this is just a semantic exercise.  If a religion is a system of human norms and values that is founded on belief in a superhuman order, then Soviet Communism was no less a religion than Islam.  …
p. 195 It’s for your own good:…  Evolution has made Homo sapiens. like other social mammals, a xenophobic creature.  Sapiens instinctively divide humanity into two parts, ‘we’ and ‘they’.  We are people like you and me, who share our language, religion and customs.  We are all responsible for each other, but not responsible for them.  We were always distinct from them, we owe them nothing.  We don’t want to see any of them in our territory, and we don’t care an iota what happens in their territory.  They are barely even human. …
p. 242 Blind Clio:… Ever more scholars see cultures as a kind of mental infection or parasite, with humans as its unwitting host.  Organic parasites, such as viruses, live inside the body of their host.  They multiply and spread from one host to the other, feeding off their hosts, weakening them, and sometimes killing them.  As long as the hosts live long enough to pass along the parasite, it cares little about the condition of its host.  In just this fashion, cultural ideas live inside the minds of humans.  They multiply and spread from one host to another, occasionally weakening the host and sometimes even killing them. – can compel a human to dedicate his or her life to spreading that idea, even at the price of death.  The human dies, but the idea spreads.   ….  … Successful cultures are those that excel in reproducing their memes, irrespective of the costs and benefits to their human hosts.  …  Similar arguments are common in the social sciences, under the aegis of game theory. Game theory explains how in multi-player systems, views  and behaviour patterns that harm all players nevertheless manage to take root and spread. …”
p. 236 The Worship of Man: “… in all frankness, how long can we maintain the wall separating the department of biology from the departments of law and political science?

I would like to refer to my first entry in this blog, “the sun in the sky” in which I suggest that where I suggest like everybody alive (who isn’t an alien)  that all of the molecules in my body (well, almost all of them) come from the sun, and eventually, very likely, all of my molecules will go back into that fascinating transmuter of matter, the sun.

I should also like to remind the reader how I suggest that modern multinational corporations match scientific tests for life, in the blog “the Corporate Entity – you’re trained to NOT think of it as alive“. 

It now occurs to me that our sun also satisfies these tests!

Reminds me of “Living on the sand” by Colter Wall.  I love that song!

When I listen to it, it in turn reminds me of Dean Cassady in Wayward, keeps on waking up on the sand in Chapter 10. Stranger.

Love the planet, reject religion or make reverence for the planet the cornerstone of your religion.