26 May

2017 May 26

I find myself singing one of Dean Cassady‘s favorite songs, “Walk” by Blind Melon, from the album, “Soup [see it with lyrics]

Find myself singing the same songs everyday
Ones that make me feel good
 when things behind the smiles ain’t ok

Around and over and in-between the seas
I need to be on top of a mountain
 where I can be see everything
  cause this paranoia’s getting old

Now as I open my eyes to start another day
I’m in a pile of puke
 empty bag of excuses
My love for friends and family
You know I need them

And under a sun that’s seen it all before
My feet are so cold
And I can’t believe that I have to bang my
 head against this wall again
But the blows they have just a little more
 space in-between them

Gonna take a breath and try again


Our 1st World Western Slaveries

19 May

Respect and peace for Chris Cornell (1964-2017), too short a time.


Our 1st World Western Slaveries – 2017 May 19th
modified from a comment at The Saker – Saudi America, by Jimmie Moglia

The USA, like western Europe and the Anzac and Canada, are slaveries, using (primarily) financial control mechanisms to utterly disempower (the spell-checker gives me the option of “disembowel”, interestingly appropriate) the 99%+.

Not even the bottom end of the top 1% can afford housing in Toronto,

(or Vancouver, or Sydney (AU), or Auckland (NZ), etc., etc., etc….)
I originally read this in a recent article at the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the national broadcaster in Canada), which I can no longer find, but found at: Global News , Huffington Canada , the Globe and Mail

New found perception management capability may not be thoroughly understood
We can notice, those paying attention, anyhow, the escalation of bullshit by the mainstream media, especially since 9/11, and the rapid growth into a mushroom cloud-like expansion into (what seems to me) obviously ridiculous story lines, covering the many gross hypocrisies of the conduct of the various agencies of governance against the ‘accepted’ public myth (agreed to lies).
While compelling the citizens to adopt the most powerful surveillance and perception management systems of known human history i.e. smartphones, the greedy, socio-pathic competing factions of the top 0.1% have become giddy and flippant in the use of these tools, and the pervasive self-censorship by political correctness, to quell dissent at the waking level of consciousness, I believe that a backdoor is being left unguarded, as the brutal waking consciousness manipulations create such a huge gulf between the waking consciousness and the sub-waking consciousness levels of our homo sapiens cognitive composites that the resultant extreme form of cognitive dissonance, is creating a rift that they themselves are already exploiting (for what else? more power/money).
But this door is getting larger and more vulnerable by the day, as the extreme use of media manipulations are inserted into the fragile waking-conscious minds of the people, like a junkie death-spiral.
The Western Deep Empire cabal, as referred to variously is just another part of the blaring hypocrisies, being foisted upon those, unlike many in this community, who haven’t even seen past the first thin film of facade, feckless victims.

The question is, what can be done to liberate the minds of the majority, which will likely be required to depose the slave-masters?

This is what the fine minds here could be spending energy on, to change it!

Symptoms of the pending fall of empire

9 May

Strong empires attacked from the outside may withstand, but those that are rotten within will fall, one way or another.

2017 May 9th
Symptoms of the pending fall of empire


I transcribed the list below from a small portion of the interview 1st/of 2 by Bonnie Faulkner of “Guns and Butter”, which I link via the Saker site.  At minute 31, geopolitical conditions/attributes of The Soviet Union, before its fall, are compared to the same for the (USA-championed) empire today (2017 May 9th).

The listed conditions include:

  1. bloated military budget – resulting in a paradoxically ineffective military
  2. huge, but ineffective intelligence community
  3. crumbling public infrastructure
  4. world record of per capita ratio of incarcerated people
  5. a propaganda machine
  6. internal dissident movements
  7. systematic use of violence against citizens
  8. tensions between the central authority and the regional administrations (in USA, the individual states)
  9. an industry that exports energy and weapons
  10. a population that is fearful of being spied on
  11. people who disagree with the public policies of the regime are defamed as ‘traitors’ and/or ‘spies’
  12. paranoia of external enemies
  13. over reach over the entire planet
  14. an awareness that the entire planet hates you
  15. a subservient press corps of prostitutes who never dare to ask the real questions
  16. a sky high rate of substance abuse
  17. a young generations which believes in nothing at all
  18. a educational system in free-fall (the Soviet system at the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union was better than the current existing US educational system, and this is prior to the planned dissembling of the Trump administration)
  19. a disgust with politicians and politics in general
  20. massive prevailing amount of corruption at all levels of power

They continue; Bonnie reads a quote from a 2014 writing by the Saker. “The truth is the most powerful empire-buster ever invented. It brought down the USSR, and it will bring down the [empire] too; it is just a matter of time now.

Commenting on the French presidential election results, Ramin Mazaheri writes in his article, Macron wins – the 24% who voted for him rejoice, the rest sigh:
…My point is: Western society, and not just France, is fractured in a terrible, horrible way. The lack of unity – even if only perceived – is staggering for a region of the world enjoying such enormous relative prosperity. There is, clearly, a problem in their culture.

Cuba doesn’t have this problem. Nor China. Iran – once you get out of rich North Tehran – will almost certainly have a higher voter participation rate in their elections this month than France, and France’s is still among the highest in the West. …

I invite everyone, who is sick under the empire, wherever you are, Canada, U.S.A., western Europe, UK, and Anzac, in particular, to start organizing a resistence.

To start with, contact your ‘democratically’ elected representatives and respectfully tell them what you think of preparations for war.

France there is still time! Coalition of Opposites or Unification of the Resistance

1 May

Vive la résistance!

response submitted (2017 05 01 11h21 UTC-05:00) to the Saker article: “France’s Melenchon to serve as Le Pen’s Minister of Finance

Can ‘democracy’ re-invent itself and save society from the otherwise impending collapse?
I agree with the direction of the article:

“… shouldn’t – Melenchon work with Le Pen for the good of France if she is willing to make this political horse trade in return for his support? …”

In fact, Le Pen has a historic opportunity, she can actively recruit all, the non-mainstream candidates, and negotiate overall target policy, thus forming an actual coalition, to represent the majority, and working the mechanics of (so-called) democracy to attain (what you and I must agreed upon is ‘required’) change, within the system.

Antiquated polar political ideology references are obsolete and divisive, let’s leave them behind.
This ‘left’ and ‘right’ labeling is a tool being used to confuse and divide the opposition to the agencies of ‘the empire’, in each nation-state branch office.
What is critical is the formulation of policy elements from all of the non-‘mainstream’ candidates, which redress the social structures favouring the elite 0.1% at negative sum gain to the 99%.
Averting the insane march to WWIII that the elite 0.1% is now pursuing, should be a clear, definitive ‘slam-dunk’ with the people, who understand, even if only at a sub-conscious level, that the 99.9% will only get catastrophic negative outcomes from any global war.

Le Pen must know that clinging to repugnant dysfunctional ideological policy platform-components will disable her candidacy.
That being said, she doesn’t want to disillusion her base.
Yet, at the core of the Le Pan and Mélenchon policies, there seems little conflict, though certainly, on the core issue of immigration, work needs to be done, and compromises on both sides made.

But let’s not lose sight of the most significant policy objective, emancipation from the global hegemony, ruled by competing faction among the 0.1%!

Check out this link:



The Line Must Be Drawn – communications lines need to be established!

30 Apr

French flag over-layed on French electoral map

2017 April 30th

The 2017 French Presidential Election is a case study in demonstrating how factions of the 0.1% manipulate the determination of prime ‘elected’ policy-makers, in ‘western’, ‘first world’, ‘democracies’.
At first I was bummed out, realizing that just like in the case of the 2016 American presidential election, the ‘fix’ was made at an initial phase of the process, at a time when attention is less, and from less people. The election itself was irrelevant for the hegemony of top 0.1%, which largely controls assignment of the [all but nominal] head of state; the entire process was about keeping Bernie out.
Likewise in France, the entire process was about keeping Mélenchon out!
A clear pattern is emerging in the recent 5 years.
The manipulation is visible at the stage prior to the final balloting!

In the American election, the fix, which let us not forget, was visible to the people, during the primaries, when the DNC were actively fixing it systemically against Bernie, so that their pro-in-group candidate, Hillary would win it.

Now in the French election, it’s in the first round.

In Canadian federal elections, as with the British electoral system, the electoral process step preceding the general election is the party leader selection process, done on a party-by-party basis.  You have to be a party member to participate in this process, and the rules vary across the three main political parties.  The selection process of the party leader may take place years prior to a general election; there is much laxer scrutiny of these leadership contests.

The take-a-ways are:

  1. More people have to get involved in the process – THAT MEANS YOU!
  2. Independently validatable processes must be set up to monitor and scrutinize the party leadership selection process
  3. Processes and templates for challenging party leadership results at every challenging point*, must be devised, communicated, and readied in advance of the processes running; definitely prior to the convention, during which the final selection is made
  4. All irregularities must be challenged immediately via every challenging point and all legal means available


challenging points – all viable levels of legal challenge, i.e. Provincial, Federal, Federal Election, Supreme Court, etc. plus all other avenues, i.e. party governance, media/popular will, international court, etc.

Get LOUD! ~ Resistance – work for accountability at election time – France Presidential Election scam

25 Apr

Resistance Activities – The French 2017 Presidential Election scam

Flying submarines with The Saker
Reply comment to:
http://thesaker.is/le-pen-trump-arent-even-close-are-we-stuck-with-emmanuel-macr-obama/ from: claude on April 24, 2017 • at 6:09 pm UTC
As a French voter I agree with A. Mercouris’ analysis http://theduran.com/fading-le-pen-win-macron-victory-certain/, specifically his last 2 paragraphs:
“In saying this I should stress that I strongly doubt the ploy has actually fooled anyone. The reason Macron is now set to become President of France is not because anybody was genuinely fooled by the transparently false propaganda created around him. It is because a sufficiently large number of French voters willfully colluded in the deception, with the propaganda being their excuse – not their reason – for voting for Macron.
That shows that for all the talk of malaise in France there is still a sufficiently large number of French voters with a stake in the current system to preserve the status quo, thereby keeping it going at least for a while longer.”
The only thing we can hope is that future violence will not be a consequence of the acceptation of the deception.

… The only thing we can hope is that future violence will not be a consequence of the acceptation of the deception.

The entire ‘environment’ being created with the top 0.1%/sociopaths, is inevitably driving towards increased occurrences of violence.

Perhaps convincing the correctly alluded to … ” “…a sufficiently large number of French voters wilfully colluded in the deception, with the propaganda being their excuse – not their reason – … .” of the inevitability of the path, with the current trajectory, and guided by the executive branch of the top 0.1%

People have a natural fear of stepping out of the ordinary. In today’s environment, where real and fictitious fears are raining down, like psychological carpet-bombing, by competing agencies, amongst the top 0.1%, seeking to ‘get their fair share’ (gaming each other, because that is what they are, sociopathic ‘gamers’, gaming the system, and not even capable of stopping, even if the system is on the brink of collapse).

A better hope….
is to take actions to expose the grand lie, by capturing evidence of manipulations, and communicating it coherently and effectively to the “sufficiently large number of [all] …voters willfully…” colluding “…in the deception, with the propaganda…”.

These people need compassion (most of them), and assistance in unshackling them from the chains of this downloaded prison system of free thought.

Organize to identify better and more effective techniques in creating messaging that helps people out of the matrix.

The tiny minority has an almost zero probability of long term success, regardless of moral disposition.


Get Loud – Resist the 0.1% destruction of everything!

The 2017 French Presidential Election – another fraud in the making? probably

21 Apr

2017 April 21st

Submitted as a comment at thesaker.is to the article “Champs-Elysees attack: Perfect timing, for some” at 15h50 (UTC-05:00) 2017 04 21

UPDATE: 20170425 17h10 (UTC-05:00) from: http://thesaker.is/le-pen-trump-arent-even-close-are-we-stuck-with-emmanuel-macr-obama/#comment-349016

“This petition has been created: http://www.mesopinions.com/petition/politique/commission-enquete-resultats-votes-election-presidentielle/29785

I’ve noticed several trends in the past 72 months (or so) of elections processes in G7 (plus ANZAC) nations.
1. Environmental factors, of course, as they are reported in the mainstream media, [apparently] result in candidates/parties/referendum polling outcomes to converge prior to the election timing.
2. Strange things happen during the actual voting process itself.
3. a candidate/party/referendum result is not as was (supposedly) expected by the experts, prior to voting

Now, in your article, the underlying direction is that these pre-election events have been manipulated to disfavour the ‘radical’ pro-more-equitable-living-standard candidate (for lack of a better word, this is the primary direction of the candidate, and a profession for common sense over traditional international affairs, where traditional international affairs is … a complete scam, like the EU and NATO direction towards a third world war!)

But the embedded assumption of a robust, rig-proof electoral process is in question, in my mind.

I feel like if they get it close enough, i.e. from a electorate perception management perspective, the highly-suspect polling process/reporting across this ‘western’ national subset, there are electoral process suasion mechanisms, getting better and better each running, to manipulate the electoral process to what ever the favoured candidate/party/referendum may be at the point in time.

I think we can assume that the ‘establishment’ (who/what ever they are), would prevent the pro-more-equitable-living-standard candidate from attaining power, as per your article.
I don’t think Fillon could win by fair electoral process, but he is at least in the top two preferred candidates for the ‘establishment’.
Assuming that they also consider Le Pen to be too ‘unpredictable’ to attain.

The best place to ‘get rid of’ Melenchon is in the first round, when there will be less clarity on the actual process, due to the larger number of variables and moving parts.

They (whomever they might be), would want it clear in the run-off; so, assuming (likely correctly) that Le Pen cannot win a run-off, except conceivably against Fillon, they might want her in the run-off, against Macron, the recent super-friend of the faltering middle-class republicans, so as to ‘fix-without-touching’ the run-off round.

Remember, these past contests have been more about keeping the candidate/party/referendum policy they don’t want out, more than putting in a particular candidate/party, as was the case in the US election, which was ultimately about keeping Bernie out, and had little ultimately to do with the choice between Trump and Clinton, for as hindsight is now showing us, mostly only branding differentiation, as opposed to actual policy differentiation.

1. expect a torrent of anti-Russian false-flag stories, like… supporting a border client regime in anti-LGBTQ… activities, and then link it back to Melenchon. There is probably one more they’ll let out of the bag before the election; since it is 15h00 (at UTC-05:00), it’ll have to happen pretty soon; Melenchon and Fillon to go in the first round.
2. with second round candidates Le Pen and Macron confirmed, we’d expect a switch in the mainstream media to anti-anti-immigrant material, i.e. [wordlessly assumed) Le Pen supporters bashing 30 year+ Arab immigrant women, who will have elaborate back-story development about how ‘françaises’ they were, and the wonderful things they’ve contributed to French society
3. but a good ‘terror’ incident never hurts an establishment candidate, for there is comfort in the known, and at a sub-conscious level, this may trump a longer-term visceral (potentially yet sub-conscious) yearning for change from the establishment; Macron may have differentiated himself enough (no doubt using the latest BI large data crunching statistical techniques)
4. Prediction: Macron in the run-off with a healthy margin over Le Pen, with the ongoing outrage over the gathering evidence supporting electoral fraud, in the primary, disfavoring Melenchon stiffled in the media, using the [likely unworded] ‘conspiracy theory’ dismissal technique
5. business as usual with NATO marching to war with Russia, with Macron’s reluctant admissions of ‘word order’ realities, forcing his hand….

I’m convinced there are clear trends in manipulating ‘democratic’ electoral processes, which are observable, but I’m still working on formalizing the emerging electoral process manipulation trends, at least for the prime techniques observable.
I might rant it out, incidentally, by blog at: urblurb.wordpress.com

1. very, very robust, disciplined election scrutineering and reporting processes and execution; it will be tricky getting any meaningful information through the mainstream, so
2. ready alternative information distribution channels, and as close to instantaneous reporting by them
ultimately, however, lawyers will have to be involved, and immediately, to take actions to challenge the first round results
(as I write this analysis, having thought it through as I wrote, I am becoming more and more convinced of the prediction, but… it may be beatable! remember, this is France, and they can really get stuff stuck in their craugh, when they want to; I hope they’re still like that).
Due to the decrepit state of the judicial systems in the ‘first-world’ ‘western’ ‘democracies’, they move ridiculously slowly (the lawyer busy themselves with preparing large bills); so,
3. a ‘hurry-up’ legal election results disputation process needs to be prepared, and just the details finalized to launch, at multiple fronts and levels of government, as is viable under French election law.

I’m convinced the fix is in, but strangely optimistic that it could be beaten.

If you are in France, and want to take the battle to the offensive (there’s no other defense like it) ready:
1. disciplined process-driven scrutineering
2. non-traditional communications channels to broad electoral bases
3. ‘hurry-up’ legal election dispute processes, across multiple fronts and all available legal levels of challenge

4. watch and collect the data/evidence
5. communicate via established channels
6. cross the ‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s and launch legal challenges

Good luck.

France has lead the way before, (possibly due to an entrenched cultural obstinacy), it would be good to have a strike back now.

Showing it that it could be done might possibly co-ordinate the many submarines, stealthily lying in wait, across the deserts of the world.