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Symptoms of the pending fall of empire

9 May

Strong empires attacked from the outside may withstand, but those that are rotten within will fall, one way or another.

2017 May 9th
Symptoms of the pending fall of empire


I transcribed the list below from a small portion of the interview 1st/of 2 by Bonnie Faulkner of “Guns and Butter”, which I link via the Saker site.  At minute 31, geopolitical conditions/attributes of The Soviet Union, before its fall, are compared to the same for the (USA-championed) empire today (2017 May 9th).

The listed conditions include:

  1. bloated military budget – resulting in a paradoxically ineffective military
  2. huge, but ineffective intelligence community
  3. crumbling public infrastructure
  4. world record of per capita ratio of incarcerated people
  5. a propaganda machine
  6. internal dissident movements
  7. systematic use of violence against citizens
  8. tensions between the central authority and the regional administrations (in USA, the individual states)
  9. an industry that exports energy and weapons
  10. a population that is fearful of being spied on
  11. people who disagree with the public policies of the regime are defamed as ‘traitors’ and/or ‘spies’
  12. paranoia of external enemies
  13. over reach over the entire planet
  14. an awareness that the entire planet hates you
  15. a subservient press corps of prostitutes who never dare to ask the real questions
  16. a sky high rate of substance abuse
  17. a young generations which believes in nothing at all
  18. a educational system in free-fall (the Soviet system at the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union was better than the current existing US educational system, and this is prior to the planned dissembling of the Trump administration)
  19. a disgust with politicians and politics in general
  20. massive prevailing amount of corruption at all levels of power

They continue; Bonnie reads a quote from a 2014 writing by the Saker. “The truth is the most powerful empire-buster ever invented. It brought down the USSR, and it will bring down the [empire] too; it is just a matter of time now.

Commenting on the French presidential election results, Ramin Mazaheri writes in his article, Macron wins – the 24% who voted for him rejoice, the rest sigh:
…My point is: Western society, and not just France, is fractured in a terrible, horrible way. The lack of unity – even if only perceived – is staggering for a region of the world enjoying such enormous relative prosperity. There is, clearly, a problem in their culture.

Cuba doesn’t have this problem. Nor China. Iran – once you get out of rich North Tehran – will almost certainly have a higher voter participation rate in their elections this month than France, and France’s is still among the highest in the West. …

I invite everyone, who is sick under the empire, wherever you are, Canada, U.S.A., western Europe, UK, and Anzac, in particular, to start organizing a resistence.

To start with, contact your ‘democratically’ elected representatives and respectfully tell them what you think of preparations for war.


dispelling the “conspiracy theory”-labelling tactic

14 Mar

2017 March 14th Tuesday (π Day)

at the Jet Fuel Cafe.

Most of us can recall someone going on about injustices in society, and then another person dismissing it, regardless of coherence, by referring to it as a ‘conspiracy theory‘.

The good people contributing to wikipedia.org call it pretty close to my understanding of it, “A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy without warrant, generally one involving an illegal or harmful act carried out by government or other powerful actors. Conspiracy theories often produce hypotheses that contradict the prevailing understanding of history or simple facts. The term is a derogatory one”.   [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspiracy_theory]

The key here is, “… invokes a conspiracy without warrant, …”.

Now, imagine, if you will, that you are in the financial elite, the top 1/10th of the top 1%, or even the top 1/100th of the top 1%, (that’s one in 10,000).  Again Wiki is useful for figuring out how many of them there are; according to Wiki, “As of August 2016, it [total population of the Earth] was estimated at 7.4 billion.  So, 7,400,000,000 divided by 10,000, we get 740,000 individuals, which seems way to high to me.  But just imagine, especially in the so-called ‘western first-world democracies’, where services previously guaranteed by the government, are now pay-to-play.

If you don’t have the dinero, then you don’t have the right to that, anymore.

This is a trend which is accelerating.

Can one really justify the almost unimaginable annual income of the top wealthiest people, when many hundreds of thousands in North America live vulnerable, at a standard significantly lower than a typical hunter-gatherer?

[see an incredibly excellent book, Sapiens, by Yuval Noah Harari]

As for responsibilities, if you are in that elite financial group, just what, exactly, are your responsibilities (those that you can’t pay an underling to ‘take care of’)?

So, let’s get it straight, in that group, you have virtually unlimited rights, and no responsibilities!

It is a good situation for you; way to go!

So, just what, exactly, do you spend your time doing, besides ensuring that your sweet deal continues, or gets even better?

You are already well beyond the point where additional financial capability is possibly going to change your material world.  It is only ego-tripping to see even more decimal places in your bank account, which, in the physical world, is a few binary data bits.

So, again, just what, exactly, do you spend your time doing, besides ensuring that your sweet deal continues?

Obsessive ego-gratifying pursuits, ensuring that you get all, regardless of the cost to others; this is the warrant!

Sure there are a lot of wild-ass ‘conspiracy theories’, without merit, but ultimately, there is a small army, using their considerable power of persuasion to keep you down, so they can keep it up!

20170519 – check out BBC article: Conspiracy theories: How to be a smarter news consumer from 14 September 2016