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Women… wasn’t it supposed to be about “equality”?

26 Jan

Women… wasn’t it supposed to be about “equality”?


2018 01 26

In the evening, on the day before yesterday, shortly after viewing an amusing, yet incisive video The War on Men by Paul Joseph Watson, I took one of my occasional quick looks at the CBC News web site, to see what the Empire was pushing, as their information-crack, flavour of the moment.

The objective observer could hardly be surprised to see that yet another highly public lynching was initiated, with the universal culprit-of-the-moment, men, this time personified in the figure of the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.  (note, this is a traumatic video due to the extreme stress and degradation that this man is under during the video included).

I am explicitly not naming the accused to avoid contributing the tsunami of negative press linked to his name.

I have never been a fan of this political leader, ever since he won the party leadership a couple of years ago, and highly suspicious of the actual party control, and their agenda, for quite a while, since the Duffer; so there was little chance of me ever voting for him.  Nonetheless, especially in the context of the timing of this ‘revelation’, in relation to the scheduled Ontario provincial election June 7th, is it?   the probability that it ISN’T politically motivated, is very skinny.

That aside, we have witnessed, in the past few years, a growing trend towards a systematic undermining of the designated channel for dispute resolution and justice adjudication, the judiciary, by the increasingly powerful media agency, which has become more akin to an outright propaganda and perception management department of the 0.1% ruling elite.

Hmmm… so what the fuck is going on?

With the understandable disillusionment on the electorate in Ontario with the matron Wynne’s government, (the scrapping of the Oakville hydro projects at the bequest of key campaign contributors, read members of the 0.1% elite, under the McGuinty government is the mess that keeps on wrecking the province, among Ms. Wynne’s other championed causes)  preponderance of knowledgeable and forthright political analysts (extremely few sanction by the media/propaganda agency, for obvious reasons), would have agreed that all the Ontario Progressive Conservatives (PCs) had to do was to lock him up in a room, protected from the ‘media’ until the voting was over, and get a minority government for sure, maybe more.

From the evil empire’s current puppet agency’s perspective (AKA the Wynne government), who, make no mistake about it, have the latest version of the modern methods to ‘win’ an election by any means, regardless of actual disposition of the electorate, let alone what is in the best interests of the 99%.  They have all of the mechanisms and personnel in all the places that matter to sway the course of an election, including very accurate predictive big-data models, and found that the hide him in a closet approach would still result in a defeat for the government!

They had to drop the bomb!

But who’s to say it wasn’t an inside job?  Right on plan?!

There is no defense against an allegation of this sort; in this case it was called, as it often is, “accusation”.  The public has been ‘trained’ to exercise mob justice and to lynch upon accusation.  And, of course, the key word here is ‘”accusation”; all that has to happen is for someone to accuse a person, so far ONLY men, and that is it, destroyed life and any in-progress ventures, regardless of disposition with respect to innocence or guilt!

Don’t get me wrong, if the guy is guilty of something, I think he should be subject to the typical sanctions as specified under the applicable laws.

But it won’t matter one bit if he is fully exonerated, when ever it will be that the judicial process is concluded.

It is difficult to conceive of this person (the now former Ontario PC leader), having committed crime so heinous and terrible that it could be meaningfully compared to the crime of tearing down and nullifying the fundamental, some would say, “defining” achievement of our civilization, the right to fair representation before impartial jurists, as documented in the process, defined by the “Law”!

At this stage of the game, this close to the provincial election, the normal process of comparatively transparent leadership selection will certainly be fixed, with some kind of a ‘special process’ to select the leader, who has a high probability of becoming the province’s next premier.

The Jian Ghomeshi case

There is a contemporary case to which we may compare this lynching.  Some might see it as the ‘pilot’ run for the entire program of undermining this institution in society.  The Canadian media establishment (propaganda agency 1 – the CBC), selected one of their own ‘puppets’ to test their new process.  He was a personality, as many of his ilk, seemingly brought forth from wafer-thin credentials, to assume the ‘face’ of the primary contemporary affairs program at the corporation.  This person was apparently intrinsic in the design of the brand new radio show, which was build around his own style and affectations.

I will say now, that after a sustained blizzard of allegations, from multiple actors, all women, and ensuring stream of ongoing defamations, all presented on the front page of the media, led by the corporation, which effectively destroyed any possibility of assumption of innocence, he was eventually exonerated of all charges.

The Canadian activist Karen Straughan and “one of Australia’s first sex therapists and editor of Forum magazine”, renowned sane equal rights activist, Bettina Arndt, intelligently discuss the anti-social male hatred campaign, now under way, #MeToo and feminists’ male chastity crusade – Part 1 .

A great civilization in not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.”

W. Durant

It does not look good!



Symptoms of the pending fall of empire

9 May

Strong empires attacked from the outside may withstand, but those that are rotten within will fall, one way or another.

2017 May 9th
Symptoms of the pending fall of empire


I transcribed the list below from a small portion of the interview 1st/of 2 by Bonnie Faulkner of “Guns and Butter”, which I link via the Saker site.  At minute 31, geopolitical conditions/attributes of The Soviet Union, before its fall, are compared to the same for the (USA-championed) empire today (2017 May 9th).

The listed conditions include:

  1. bloated military budget – resulting in a paradoxically ineffective military
  2. huge, but ineffective intelligence community
  3. crumbling public infrastructure
  4. world record of per capita ratio of incarcerated people
  5. a propaganda machine
  6. internal dissident movements
  7. systematic use of violence against citizens
  8. tensions between the central authority and the regional administrations (in USA, the individual states)
  9. an industry that exports energy and weapons
  10. a population that is fearful of being spied on
  11. people who disagree with the public policies of the regime are defamed as ‘traitors’ and/or ‘spies’
  12. paranoia of external enemies
  13. over reach over the entire planet
  14. an awareness that the entire planet hates you
  15. a subservient press corps of prostitutes who never dare to ask the real questions
  16. a sky high rate of substance abuse
  17. a young generations which believes in nothing at all
  18. a educational system in free-fall (the Soviet system at the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union was better than the current existing US educational system, and this is prior to the planned dissembling of the Trump administration)
  19. a disgust with politicians and politics in general
  20. massive prevailing amount of corruption at all levels of power

They continue; Bonnie reads a quote from a 2014 writing by the Saker. “The truth is the most powerful empire-buster ever invented. It brought down the USSR, and it will bring down the [empire] too; it is just a matter of time now.

Commenting on the French presidential election results, Ramin Mazaheri writes in his article, Macron wins – the 24% who voted for him rejoice, the rest sigh:
…My point is: Western society, and not just France, is fractured in a terrible, horrible way. The lack of unity – even if only perceived – is staggering for a region of the world enjoying such enormous relative prosperity. There is, clearly, a problem in their culture.

Cuba doesn’t have this problem. Nor China. Iran – once you get out of rich North Tehran – will almost certainly have a higher voter participation rate in their elections this month than France, and France’s is still among the highest in the West. …

I invite everyone, who is sick under the empire, wherever you are, Canada, U.S.A., western Europe, UK, and Anzac, in particular, to start organizing a resistence.

To start with, contact your ‘democratically’ elected representatives and respectfully tell them what you think of preparations for war.