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The REAL Nightmare Being Orchestrated by the Empire!

31 Oct

20171031 The Real Nightmare Being Orchestrated

2017 October 31st – All Hallows’ Eve

The orchestration of the real nightmare is almost completed; in fact, it is so close to completion, that it could be used now!

This is bad for all of humankind, and in fact, the entire life of the biosphere, this precious planet Earth that has created us, and nurtured us to our tremendous capabilities to create good!

We already live in Eden, though we are destroying her at an ever increasing rate.

But, even the nightmare of daily extinctions and mass toxification on the planet are not as ready, nor likely risk to all, as the pending planned mass nuclear winter extinction!

Fall of the Petrodollar

So, the fall and crash of the petro-dollar looms large to anyone paying any attention to major global political events; this is a very, very big one, indeed!

No less, the end of an era, the American Empire of Global Domination, as we know it, will be changing dramatically.   After both being respectively spurned by the U.S.A., and treated as subordinate, vassals, China and Russia need each other. 

China, the fastest growing economy over the past 25 years, thanks largely to the outsourcing of industry to them, from the U.S.A., so the greed-obsessed rich, could make windfall on the extremely low labour cost differential; too bad there is nobody working at home anymore to be able to afford the great stuff made in China. 

Russia, from an economically crushed Soviet Union, then looted mercilessly by the empire, emerged with a viable energy sector; but needing a new devil to point at to deflect the Kafkesque hypocrisy at home, re-instituted the demonization of Russia, and accompanying economic sanctions,  forcing Russia to diversify its economy, to cope.  It also forced them to radically reorganize their armed forces to the geostrategic facts of life of the 21st century.

With the war drum booming in the empire (U.S.A. dominated hegemony, including most, if not all of the so-called ‘Western industrialized nations), the traditional adversaries, Russia and China, have found a common cause to ally against.  Russia’s now world leading military technology and capability complements the vast numeric mobilization capability of China.  Russia’s vast energy reserves complements the vast industrial capacity of China.

With the strategically absurd alienation of Iran, a largely successful socialist country, and with approximately half of the world-wide natural gas reserves (read: petrochemical of the future), the final piece of the puzzle fits into place.

Many countries have been economically sabotaged by the empire for trying to sell/buy petro-energy in other than U.S. dollars, and everybody has been held hostage to the hegemony by it, and domestic policy effectively owned, to boot, but the alignment of necessity of these three countries presents the greatest threat ever to the hegemony of the petro-dollar.  The Empire knows it!

The Empire Strikes BAck

But I digress.  What is this ‘nightmare scenario’ in the headline, about?

The Empire has been steadily setting up conflict zones around the planet: Ukraine, the Middle East, northwestern Eurasia, North Korea/South China Sea, just to name the larger ones.

What’s more, at home, the U.S.A. is in the midst of a coup d’etat/civil war; the office of the Executive (POTUS) ridiculed daily by the denizens of the Mainstream Mass Media; this has lead to terminal susceptibility of the POTUS to the machinations of the anti-human swamp-things of the ‘deep state’, a competing faction of uber-financial/power elite, neo-human creatures with no empathetic capability, obsessed with gaining evermore power and control, at any cost to everybody else, for the purposes of … power and control.

If one looks at the strange situation which lead to the start of the Great War (WWI), one sees the same extant number of potential flashpoints.  [Most of what I know about the topic, I read in Margaret MacMillan‘s “The War That Ended Peace“).  As it turned out, the assassination of the Arch Duke initiated a primed Slavic rebellion, and is often considered the fuse that ignited the explosives of the world war.  But it could have been one of many, likely established for just such a purpose, to start a catastrophic conflict.

Of course, not all suffered, and some became much, much more wealthy.

We, under the thumb of the 0.1%, have been thieved to non-sustainability!  They have to hide their rampant theft, and ‘foggy the view’; a cataclysmic war is just the thing that has worked so well in the past!

Unfortunately, this time it’s even worse than it was before

Because of the parasite of greed and graft, now embedded into the American and mostly the entire ‘Western nation‘ systems, economy, processes, the ongoing viability of the empire nations is failing.  Despite spending more on military and ‘intelligence services‘, than everyone else put together, the American military has NOT ever been re-organized and equipped to resolve crises in the 21st century geostrategic and technological realities.  Instead, they’ve just continued to throw more money at it, which efficiently gets sucked off by the parasites, and increases their capacity to take over everything.

A traditional conflict will be unwinnable for the U.S.A./allies against a Russia-China-Iran alliance; best possible outcome for the empire is sustained, never-ending war!

So they’ll have to use the ‘nuclear option‘!

No one wins a nuclear war!  No one!

What you can do!

  1. Find out what’s going on: did you know that NATO was building up troop garrisons in the Baltic Republics and Poland to engage Russia, using a ‘fake news’ pretext?  (well, they are!)
  2. Contact all levels of government, tell them that you are against escalations in conflict, i.e. the NATO troop build-up in the Baltic’s.
  3. Vote for your federal political representatives who support a de-escalation policy.
  4. Spread the word,
    1. no one will win the coming war
    2. the sick power elite need a war to cover their tracks, and have no capability to see the cost to humanity or the biosphere; they are socio-pathic warmongers who wouldn’t hesitate to set it off, if the ROI was compelling enough.
  5. Work to enable social justice and a more equitable distribution of the wealth; certainly there should be NO HOMELESS people!








Symptoms of the pending fall of empire

9 May

Strong empires attacked from the outside may withstand, but those that are rotten within will fall, one way or another.

2017 May 9th
Symptoms of the pending fall of empire


I transcribed the list below from a small portion of the interview 1st/of 2 by Bonnie Faulkner of “Guns and Butter”, which I link via the Saker site.  At minute 31, geopolitical conditions/attributes of The Soviet Union, before its fall, are compared to the same for the (USA-championed) empire today (2017 May 9th).

The listed conditions include:

  1. bloated military budget – resulting in a paradoxically ineffective military
  2. huge, but ineffective intelligence community
  3. crumbling public infrastructure
  4. world record of per capita ratio of incarcerated people
  5. a propaganda machine
  6. internal dissident movements
  7. systematic use of violence against citizens
  8. tensions between the central authority and the regional administrations (in USA, the individual states)
  9. an industry that exports energy and weapons
  10. a population that is fearful of being spied on
  11. people who disagree with the public policies of the regime are defamed as ‘traitors’ and/or ‘spies’
  12. paranoia of external enemies
  13. over reach over the entire planet
  14. an awareness that the entire planet hates you
  15. a subservient press corps of prostitutes who never dare to ask the real questions
  16. a sky high rate of substance abuse
  17. a young generations which believes in nothing at all
  18. a educational system in free-fall (the Soviet system at the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union was better than the current existing US educational system, and this is prior to the planned dissembling of the Trump administration)
  19. a disgust with politicians and politics in general
  20. massive prevailing amount of corruption at all levels of power

They continue; Bonnie reads a quote from a 2014 writing by the Saker. “The truth is the most powerful empire-buster ever invented. It brought down the USSR, and it will bring down the [empire] too; it is just a matter of time now.

Commenting on the French presidential election results, Ramin Mazaheri writes in his article, Macron wins – the 24% who voted for him rejoice, the rest sigh:
…My point is: Western society, and not just France, is fractured in a terrible, horrible way. The lack of unity – even if only perceived – is staggering for a region of the world enjoying such enormous relative prosperity. There is, clearly, a problem in their culture.

Cuba doesn’t have this problem. Nor China. Iran – once you get out of rich North Tehran – will almost certainly have a higher voter participation rate in their elections this month than France, and France’s is still among the highest in the West. …

I invite everyone, who is sick under the empire, wherever you are, Canada, U.S.A., western Europe, UK, and Anzac, in particular, to start organizing a resistence.

To start with, contact your ‘democratically’ elected representatives and respectfully tell them what you think of preparations for war.

Something is wrong with the media, just like the weather

16 Jan
Danforth Av. Toronto, Canada

2017 01 16 – Danforth looking west towards Pape

January 16th 2017 – Monday


It was beautiful in Toronto today, 3 degrees Celsius, and mostly sunny, very light breeze.  It’s not very winter-like for even the deep south of Canada in January.

But, I’ll take it, even though I don’t mind a ‘proper’ Canadian winter, like everybody else in the country is getting, even Vancouver, where traditionally, they don’t typically get a ‘proper’ Canadian winter.  I mean, I’ll continue to minimize my carbon footprint, and use my purchasing power to more support sustainability, rather than more destructive to the biosphere.  But the weather in the past twenty years here, is definitely different from the twenty that preceded them.

Like the weather, there is something ‘wrong’ about the media.

In Canada, obsessive overt control over all aspects of federal government messaging by the apex man, the previous dictator, was known legend, viewed with a mixture of trepidation and derision.

There was the Canadian general election of October 2015, when we got our first stark, universal failure of the pollsters to call the results of the election, and Big Brother was tossed, for Shiny, Happy  Little Brother, (actually the eldest) son of a Canadian political legend.

The world watched Brexit, and the presumptive outcome of the neoliberal agenda, the UK remaining in the EU, was comfortingly repeated ad nauseam in the mainstream media, aligned to all of the pundits, as they regularly defamed the hapless pro-exiters.  Now I’m not suggesting that some of the characters seemed like they wouldn’t have been amiss in a traveling carnival, it was just the single-sided, single-mindedness of the ‘reporting’.

And, of course, Britain voted to leave the EU!

Then, the kicker, the U.S. general election.  Talk about a carny show, the republican party nomination campaign just couldn’t be lampooned as any worse than it was: Rubio is like an anime cartoon character, except not as good at reading the tight script as an anime voice actor.  Ben Carson was hilarious, and what could be said of Ted Cruz, a good thing, I mean?  Then the ‘democrats’ fix their campaign to nominate the only person in the world who could lose to Don Don.

The whole while, the mainstream press in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand, in particular, ran completely off-the-mark, lop-sided coverage of the ‘presumptive next president-elect‘, and ridiculous, immature grade-school grade personal attacks on the other candidate, universally dismissing his chances.  In the end, The Don just out-campaigned the presumptive next president-elect.

But that didn’t put an end to the media manipulations.

We’ve all been witnessing a media coup, not so unlike the media coup that was almost successfully launched against Hugo Chavez, and successfully dethroning Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, to be replaced by an even more corrupt politician (though probably leaning the right way for the neoliberal agenda proponents).

But most troubling of all, is the beating of the war-drum against the evil Soviet Union, I mean, evil Russia.  The limp reason given for the unprecedented buildup of NATO forces along the Russian border, typically, vaguely references Ukraine and Crimea.  We are NOT getting the full story on Ukraine and the Crimea in the U.S., Canada, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand press.

Ukraine, the place where the ‘democratically elected’ president rejected a drastically inferior World Bank/International Monetary Fund proposal, effectively wiping out domestic policy sovereignty, and stripping workers rights, while making international corporations effectively immune from any kind of judicial action, and accepted a superior, comparatively non-invasive Russian monetary package.  But a coup d’etat was arranged by the neoliberal stalwarts, the good ole U.S.A. and Germany; a coup d’etat!   In the context of the agreement at the fall of the wall, and subsequent fall of the Soviet Union, to NOT poach former soviet states, the illegal subversion of Ukraine by EU/NATO/neoliberal agenda, the last buffer state and historical ally of Russia, factually positions ‘the West’ as the evil aggressor states.  The propaganda in the media is eerily similar to that which occurred in the lead up to the Great War (aka WWI).[i]

It’s wrong!

How come the systemic distortions of the media isn’t the news story of 2016?!

There is one guy who talks about it, Matt Taibbi, but not too loudly, he probably needs the money he gets as a reporter.

So, like the weather, the media is all fucked up.  But, unlike the media, accepting it when it happens to benefit you at the moment is dangerous.

War is bad, but the top tenth of the 1% need a BIG distraction for the masses, to hide all of the manipulating and stealing that they’ve been doing in a fog of war.  Whenever that big a distraction has been needed, in the past, there has been a war.

Get informed, and then talk about it.

We are well down the road to war, and it is NOT a good road to be on.

[i] Please see Margaret MacMillan’s excellent description of the lead up to the Great War in “The War that Ended Peace